From: Joe

December 18, 1998
Twisted Christmas
Rosemont Horizon
Chicago, IL

I was at the Twisted 5 show at the Rosemont Horizon tonight and were the Goo Goo Dolls were amazing! When Tim Virgin (one of the MC's) came to introduce the next band, all he had to say was the word "Dizzy" and the crowd got on thier feet and just screamed and cheered. It was so loud you couldnt even hear him speak. Not to mention there wasnt one person who wasnt sitting in thier seat.

I was at the Nov. 21rst show at the Riveria and they opened this concert the same exact way. Keyborad playing its beautiful tune, Mike then coming out playing the drums. Flashes of strobe lights fill the stage, after each passing second they get faster and faster and faster and then Robby, Nate, and Johnny come flying out playing the guitar.

They opened with Dizzy, Johnny and Robby both flying across the stage playing the intro to the song. The song ended, and he went right into playing Slide. As soon as he started the first chord to the song the crowd went screaming and clapping and sang every lyric of the song. When the song ended, i thought the place was going to fall, everyone clapped and cheered.

They then went right into Name, however he skipped the "Name story" and went right into the song. The crowd again cheered and cheered. As most people sang along, others held up thier lighters and waved them in the air slowly. I looked around the staduim and just saw all these lighters. As the song came to the end they lowered a disco ball and lit up the whole staduim along with the lighters. The effect was just tremendoulsy beautiful. The whole band played those songs perfectly...the then moved into Naked.

The crowd was not as responsive to the song as i was, it was really just me and the die hard fans cheering as Mike beat on the drums playing them like the great drummer her was before the John and the others guys joined him. Again they played another great song.

They then moved into IRIS. Before they started playing John says to the huge crowd "We just wrote this song today, so you get to hear it first Chicago!!" But even though it was Iris, the crowd still screamed, clapped, and cheered. Again the lighters were all lit up and flowing through the air calmly. The crowd sang every lyric and cheered as much as possible. The song ended and so did the Goo Goo Dolls. The lights turned back on and they exited the stage.

They played a great concert, and i believe were on of the best bands that played there!!! I cant wait till they come back to Chicago and open for the stones and then come back for one of thier own shows.

JOe Persinger...the most loyal fan there is....