August 7th

The World Theater

Chicago, IL

From Stacey


Well, the concert in Chicago really ROCKED!! It was awesome!!! Fastball was awesome!! Sugar Ray was awesome too! But when the Goos came on, it was so energetic. They played a lot of great songs, and I was so excited to hear them play There You Are, but Johnny forgot some of the words to the song! It was so funny! Then he told us about a dream he had. He was walking in an alley and there were the Backstreet Boys! (yuck!), and John’s like "hey, what’s up?"and the one with the mustache "you know who I’m talking about", he said…well, he was making gestures at him, and then they say "we’re gonna FREAK you!!" Well, John was like, "I don’t know what that means, but it sure scared the hell out of me!", and then he explained it was like one of those dreams where you’re falling except he’s running from them! So he wakes up and Robby’s there to comfort him and rub his head (so sweet!), so then he goes back to sleep, and he’s walking in an alley and the BSB are there, and they’re beating their fists and they’re saying "we’re gonna GET you!", and so Johnny’s running again but they keep beating him up, and all he could think of saying was "FAGS!" Haha! Then he calls his shrink, and is like, "what’s going on, first they want to do me, then they wanna kill me?" Haha!

It was a good good GOOD show!, the best of three. Robby also forgot some words, and then they showed that corny video and played great songs. Then on Two Days In February, they had the girl talking on the screen. In the middle, John said, "that girls got a big mouth", and at the end, they threw their guitars in the screen. We also tried to stay to get autographs, but they kicked us out of the place!