Chicago, IL - The Metro Nightclub
July 12, 2003
From: Karen K.

god, did tonight's show rawk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'd never been to the metro before, so tonight was double the thrill---- my all-time favorite band performing at perhaps the greatest venue ever!!!! the guys performed so well, and the size of the metro gave it such an up-close-and-personal/heartfelt feeling-- for both the audience and the band i would think. robby looked like he was being brought to tears as the audience was projecting the lyrics right along w/ the songs and johnny was constantly smiling and playing around w/ the crowd. wow. such an amazing, amazing night. they played for an hour & a half, and here's a rough idea of how the set went:

Here is Gone
Tucked Away
Think About Me
Lucky Star
You Never Know
Long Way Down
Black Balloon
Truth is a Whisper
All Eyes On Me


January Friend
American Girl

some random observations: Robby said the last time they performed @ the Metro was in '95. Everyone was throwing gifts up on stage... john thanked one person for the South Park boxer shorts that hit him in the head ("everyone needs clean underwear"), and someone else through a gag-gift pair of black underwear that had googly eyes and a big bright-red tongue "pouch", if you will. johnny looked at the red tongue part and said something like "it'd be scary if 'it' really was that color". he also brought one of the banners someone made up on stage and was trying to read it but the fan kept blowing it so he couldn't read what it said, but asked if he could keep it. the sax solo in broadway was sooooo super cool!!! john introduced Think About Me as "a song about a girl..." *heh* and asked if anyone had come from Buffalo before explaining that Broadway was about the neighborhood he grew up in. robby mentioned that they'd been living in California for about the past 5 years, but that he had gone on vacation to Hawaii in January a while back and that's when he had written January Friend. He introduced Lucky Star as being off of an old record.... I'z really hoping for more Superstar Carwash era songs, but I understand.... you know change is good and necessary and all that stuff : ) on a more personal note, something else that made this show even more exciting was that i lied to my parents about my where-abouts and met up w/ a friend i'd never met (we've talked on-line for the past 3 years) who had bought tickets off of eBay and had driven all the way from Phila-fucking-delphia to take me to this show!!!!!!!!!! despite all of the roadblocks we encountered and lies i had to formulate as it got closer & closer to the date of the show, we made it there about 10 min. before the notes of Naked kicked in and the night was absolutely perfect. as Mr. Takac proclaims "I love / I love when things work out" : ) extra special thanks to the GOO GOO DOLLS, M.C., A.B., & the Metro for the most fulfilling night of my life!