From: Joe

March 26, 1999
United Center
Chicago, IL

Man o' man. A very great show put on by the goo goo dolls. They played eleven songs in their opening for the stones (such included: Dizzy, Long Way Down, Slide, Black Ballon, Bullet proof, Name, Naked, January Friend, Broadway, Acoustic #3, and Iris!!).

However, when the Goo's came on stage there wasn't really anyone in thier seats (thier loss). They opened the show with all the lights flashing everywhere and the guitar sound getting faster and faster and faster. Mike ran to the drum-set and then the rest of them came flying outta the stage. I was the only one on my feet screaming and yelling and singing the lyrics to every song. The crowd wasnt really into them that much, i think they wanted to see the Rolling Stones.

Johnny seemed like he was having a good time, he was talking to the crowd, running all over the stage, and singing his heart out. It was great to see them perform live again, its been almost 2 months and they're still amazing as ever. The second the Goo Goo Dolls got off the stage i left and went home.

I really didnt care to see the Stones, in fact they probably would've taken the quality of the show down. But the Goo's were great overall!!!!!!!!!!!!!