From: Jenny

March 26, 1999
United Center
Chicago, IL

Set List(not in any particular order):
Dizzy, Long Way Down, Slide, Naked, Name, Black Balloon, Bulletproof, January Friend, Broadway, Iris, Acoustic #3.

They played for about 45 minutes. Unfourtunately, there weren't too many people there yet to enjoy the Goos performance, but the people that were there did seem to enjoy themselves. Of course the Goos got the most response with Name, Iris, Slide and also Naked, one which I didn't expect to get that big of a response. At one point in the show two men sitting in the row behind me started to yell for the Goos to get off the stage, but then the guy sitting next to us turned around and started yelling at him to shut up. It was kinda cool.

My seats were practicaly behind the stage so my view was pretty much restricted to John's ass(not that that's a bad thing, but it would of been nice to see all their faces instead). I did get to see them on the Jumbotron and the other sreens the had up too.

Anyway...before the Goos took the stage they had a guitar playing that kept getting faster and faster. Then Mike ran out to his drums and the rest of them came exploding onto the stage playing Dizzy. My brother and I were probably the only ones singing along to every song, but it was still cool. They mostly went from one song right into they other, but did stop to talk a few times. After they played a couple of songs John started to talk and said "Let's not kid ourselves, we all know why your really here. Well, we're just here to make some racket and warm up the equipment until they can get the Stones out here". Right before they played Name John said "This is the song we thought would end our careers, but it actually started them". He then started to play it, messed up because everyone was cheering so loud and said "You guys made me fuck up!".

About half way through their set, John said "I think we should introduce ourselves because you know one day we might be famous". John introduced Nathan and Dave first, when he introduced Dave he asked him what he wanted to be called tonight, then he introduced him as some other name I don't remember. He then introduced Mike and said something along the lines of "Over there on the bass, no, well yeah, on the bass drum and all the other drums on whatever you call that shit back there, Mike Malinin." He introduced Robby as "And on bass guitar and singin', my friend Robby Takac". Robby introduced John as "The man whose been playing with me every night for the past 12 years, John Rzeznik" and then sang January Friend. When John came back to sing after that he said "We bring Robby out because he makes the people scream".

Before singing Acoustic #3 John just said "We don't usually play this song live". I thought that one of the best songs they played was Black Balloon. That really wasn't ever one of my favorite songs, but it sounded so amazing live. There was one point when Mike did a short little drum solo between songs and he was awesome! Mike is so good! The last song they played was Iris. It sounded good, but I do have to say it sounds even better with the orchestra.

For anyone interested in what they were wearing here you go...Robby, Nathan and Dave were all wearing almost the same thing, all black. John was wearing a gray tank top, cut off green cargo shorts, and black boots. I saw Mike come out before the show started and he was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, but for the show he was wearing a light blue t-shirt and khaki shorts. That's about it, they were awesome as usual!

Of course the Stones kicked ass, but I don't think you all want to hear about that. Those guys just blow me away! I still can't believe that Mick Jagger is in his early 60's. It was one amazing rock concert. If you ever get I chance, I highly recommend going to a Stones concert, you won't regret it. The Goo Goo Dolls and the Rolling Stones were a perfect pair!