Chicago, IL - United Center
March 1, 2003

From: Miranda

My dad sped as fast as he could; he got me to the venue for this SOLD OUT show at 10 minutes to 8pm. I had only missed 20 minutes of The Goo's set -- that's not so bad! I rushed inside and figured I'd buy my merchandise now instead of fighting the crowds after the show. I heard The Goo's performing "Name" as I walked in the venue. I bought a $35 Bon Jovi t-shirt, a $10 Bon Jovi poster, and a $15 Bon Jovi program. I then made my way to my seat. I couldn't see in all the darkness, and even though I made it to the right row, I knew I was in the wrong seat. But no one was sitting there yet so I decided to at least enjoy the rest of The Goo's set before I found my actual seat. They were singing "Here Is Gone" when I sat down at 8:02pm. The stage was at one end of the venue and I was sitting at the far opposite end. I wish I brought my binoculars, but I didn't. I could vaguely see The Goo's strutting around the stage. They had a nice background behind them. It was the picture of the girl that is on their album cover "Gutterflower." The name of the band was written on both sides of the picture of the girl in bright white letters.

Setlist With Comments:

I found out the complete setlist from this sweet person on The Goo Goo Doll's message board since I wasn't there for half of their set.

1) Dizzy
2) Slide
3) Big Machine
4) Black Balloon
5) Smash
6) Tucked Away
7) Name

At this point I was walking into the venue.

8) All Eyes On Me
9) Here Is Gone

At this point I sat down in a seat even though I knew it wasn't actually "my seat." It was 8:02pm.

10) What A Scene

This is one of my favorite Goo songs and I'm glad I was there to hear it.

11) Broadway

Johnny said this song is about where he grew up -- Buffalo, New York. The musician playing the sax was excellent during this song. I noticed that Johnny was wearing a black baseball cap or bandana, a black tank top, and gray pants. At least that's what it looked like from so far away.

12) Sympathy

Johnny said he f**ked up this song so bad the other night and he hoped he had better luck playing it tonight. He did -- it sounded awesome!

13) Iris

Johnny said we all should know this song. And in the middle of the song, he stopped to thank his mama and Elvis, as well as Bon Jovi for allowing them to open for him. Johnny also thanked Chicago for always being so good to them.

The Goo's set ended at 8:20pm. Johnny waved to all of us and then he kind of skipped off the stage. It was so cute! I had an amazing day and night. It was a show for the record books. With all the joy in my head from the night I went to sleep. I hope my review allowed you all to live the experience!