Charlotte, NC - NASCAR - Lowe's Motor Speedway
May 17, 2003
From: GooGooluver

Well, as I'm_Addicted said, Charlotte ROCKED!!! I have to say that the show was totally awesome!! The guys sounded great, they were in top form!! WOG was represented on the rail! Thanks to Pryde who gave us a tip on how to get in to the infield before the gates actually opened! Pryde - this is for you LOL!! Thank you for all your hard work for our flags and everything else! We got to the speedway at about 11:30 or so and unfortunately we had just missed the sound check. Pryde and a couple of other people already had their things in front of the stage saving spots but we were told we could not go and stand there yet. We were all happy to see Mike decaf!! Lowe's speedway security was very cool and at about 1:30 we were told we could go up to the rail. There were only about 20 people there at that point but you should have seen us WOGer's make a mad dash for our spots on the rail! I can imagine it was a funny sight, a few of the security people thought we were crazy. I got separated from HolliGooPez and moveyourself2goo, but got to stand right in front of John with Pryde, Gooncy, TXGooFan and some other WOGer's (sorry I can't remember everyone's names!) It was great to meet everyone. Rusty Wallace introduced the Goos. John got a bra thrown on stage during Name which caused him to forget where he was in the song. It was a pretty funny moment and he had to compose himself. There was not too much talking, just lots of great music. It was so nice to have our boys back for a full set. Im_Addicted already posted the set list so I don't need to do that. We all walked away with either picks or the guys set lists. Like I said, the speedway security people were really cool and they were more than happy to give us whatever we asked for. I'm sure if I forgot anything someone else will post it. A GOOd time was had by all!!!