Charlotte, NC - NASCAR - Lowe's Motor Speedway
May 17, 2003
From: ctgoofan

OMG What a show! 2goo and I left CT 10:00 am Friday for the long drive down. The guy who was supposed to come with us bowed out cause he did not think the race was gonna run. His loss I'm sorry! We got into Concord about 11:00 Friday night and were dog ass tired. Got a room on Speedway Blvd. Was very hard to sleep cause I was so excited! Got up at 7:00 and headed out around 9:00. We wanted to get there cause we had no tickets. We parked and entered at gate 3. Guess where we gotta go? Gate 26. 3/4 of a mile later we make to find no box office. Asked a security guy about tickets. He YELLS tickets! LOL. So we go in and hear John talkin. Running we go! Sound check! WhooHooo! Watch and try to catch our breath! We were hangin out and I overheard TxGoo (I think) say Pryde, I'm like did you just say Pryde? So I met her. Thank you so much for your kindness! It was great to meet you thank you for the "GOO STUFF" There is a bunch of people hangin out inching ever forward after the check was over then all HELL broke loose! LOL. Running we go! Two hours to go for our boys! It went by so fast. Rusty Wallace comes out after some radio guys and introduces THE GOO GOO DOLLS! Dizzy! And now I'm really excited! The guys looked like they were having so much fun! I had a great view of of everyone! Mike looked awsome! Robbie was a maniac jumping all over the place. Great pic of a jump on one of these threads! John, well he's just John. Can't put it into words and all of you have seen them live know what I mean. My only wish is that all on this board get to have a WOGers/Goo Goo Doll experience!