Charlotte, NC - Charlotte Colliseum
March 22, 2003

From: googoogrl182

K, so of course the show was flat out amazing. We got to the coliseum at about 5 and sat in the car for a lil while and finally made our way up to the line. LOL and he comes Caine! She told us her whole story of about how she had been on the phone all day tryin to get her tickets.(I'm sure she'll post her story). But newayz, so she stood in line with us for a while. We we're all decked out in our toe sox and bandanas and Caine had beautiful Robby sun glasses. LOL. The line started to move and we saw a sign that said absolutely no backpacks. So Caine ended up havin to get out of line and I guess she brought it back to her car. I never saw her again So me and my friend made it to our seats which were actually about 30 times better than what I thought they were gunna be. We went back to look at the merch. and I decided not to get the Sympathy shirt cuz 40$ is a lot of money and I'll bet they put it on their site for cheaper eventually. But I did get a program and a button set. We went back to our seats, the lights went out, and the show began. Johnny's voice was just amazing. Back in Nov. he was a little sick so it was up to tip top shape like usual. But lemme tell ya, it's back and better than ever. The set list was as usual but we didn't get to hear the GF girl story. Even though I'd already heard it I still wanted to hear it again. LOL. Then about half way through the show Johnny stopped and goes, "Can anybody hear me?". And everyone cheered. He was like "This Asshole rite hear says nobody can hear me" and he pointed to Robby! LOL. So Robby came over to Johnny and started peggin him with picks. Then Johnny actually kicked Robby in the leg and you could hear it on the speakers. It was hilarious. You could tell they were just messin around. Their so adorable, you gotta luv it. Then during What a Scene me and my friend held up a sign that we had made that said NANANANA and everyone in front of us turned around and was pointin at it. It was hilarious. I dunno if Johnny or Robby saw it though. We also had a sign that said Robby For Pezident and held that up during his songs. I'm sure we got on peoples nerves who were around us but I don't care. I had an awsum time. Bon Jovi was pretty good except it would have helped if I woulda known more songs. I knew a total of 8. They really know how to work the crowd. Over all I'd say for what they do they do it really well. The only thing I had a problem with was that they changed clothes and I don't like that. It just seems too Hollywood for me. LOL. O and Richie Sambora haha, um he's really good on guitar my only problem with him is that he looks so constipated when he plays. LOL. I dont wanna offend anyone though. They really are an amazing band and I had a blast! I just wish Goo would have played a little bit longer than 45 minutes!