Charlotte, NC - Charlotte Coliseum
March 22, 2003

From: caineggd

hey guys. Here's my Charlotte story or whatever: We left my house (in Charleston, SC) at about 12:30, and got to the hotel in Charlotte about 3:45. We checked in, then headed to the coluseum to deliver a letter and see if my tickets were there. The tickets had not gotten there yet, but I did meet up with Pryde a friend of hers, and TXgoofan right outside the box office. (again, it was nice meeting you all) So we all stood outside talking... I called my friend who was supposably getting my tickets for me, his phone was off . To make a long repetative story short and not so repetative, I spent the next hour and a half - 2 hours checking will call for my tickets and calling my friend. This isnt the first time this type thing has happened to me, but you guys.. a little advice... having a pass around your neck will get people to listen to you. Something about having a pass on around the little black necklace thing makes you seem important I guess, because people listened to what I said and did stuff for me, it was cool... i was like *SCORE*, (the pass wasnt for this show either.. I got it at the Charleston show (june 16) from a local security guard who was trying to help me backstage.. it was an old pass he came accross and told me to flash it at people as I walked back with another band member...... its an east coast concerts all access pass... works wonders) anyways... i learned that if you have a pass it must mean you are important, because when I was asking for help and all people helped, I was like HOLY SH*T!. (even a WB rep.) so yeah.... anyways... My friend finally got my tickets straightened out, and I met up with googoogrl182. We stood in line and talked... very nice meeting up with you again. By the time I got to the door my mom and lil bro had not gotten back to the coluseum, so my dad and I waited for them, then we all went in. No bookbags, so I didnt know what all to get out of it, I was so not prepared. We got in, and found our seats. They were right by the stage to the right at the bottom, RIGHT by the platform that extrudes from the stage. I stood at the rail and talked to some of the roadies and security for a while, they were very nice. I saw Mike (security) and talked to him for a moment... Unfortunately I left Johnny's bday present that I had for him in Myrtle Beach (Nov 29) in my bookbag in the car.. so I couldn't get it to him. ***Then, Greg came out. He came I got his attention and he came over and talked to my brother and me. He was really nice, and signed our tickets, and my brother's shoe, and we got a picture with him. (I'll post it later). He's really nice and really awesome. THANKS GREG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *** ***Then, I saw Johnny under this pathway thing, were they come out to go on stage, I yelled his name, and he waved and what not, he was too busy to come up and all, but my brother started yelling at him about my mom having cigarettes (in myrtle beach after the show a woman asked us for cigs for johnny...) and he went back under the thingy, then came back holding a cigarette and threw it up . It was very cool. THANKS JOHNNY*** then the show started..The goos were awesome. Johnny came up to the platform so I could take a picture at one point, and did this really cute little motion like he was taking a picture.. but had to leave before I could get my camera open (I really just need to get a disposable camera for this stuff.. but the zoom lense is really nice). I have some pictures though, and will post those later (if I can figure out how). Robby was extremely intergetic as usual, Johnny even wore the hat Pryde gave him, and according to my bro Mike did extra drum fills (I don't know anything about the I don't know). Johnny also made sure everyone in the crowd wished this one girl stephanie a happy birthday. I don't have the setlist... the posters I brought were a big enough pain in the ass..... trying to hold those.. they went everywhere man.. *mad at posters* then the goos were done, and there was intermission, and then bon jovi came on. I doubt yall really wanna hear about all that, but I thought it was cool when Jon was like 1 ft away from us... the security was letting the crowd rush the rails to get near the platform by now... (why wouldnt they let us do that for goo?? ) so yup.. that was my concert experience... very cool. the goos were wonderful as usual. I'm sure I've left something out.. but that's nothing new.