From: Glen

November 3, 1998
Tremont Music Hall
Charlotte, NC

Wow....that's the first thing that pops in my mind this morning, still buzzing from my first Goos concert last night. My wife and I have been a fan since Superstar Car Wash, but last night at the sold-out Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte, NC was our first chance to see them live. They opened up with Dizzy (to the incredible roar of approval from the crowd), then followed with Long Way Down. Johnny stopped briefly to greet the crowd before they launched into Lazy Eye. The crowd was very loud and Johnny and Robby seemed to feed off the energy from the crowd. After Lazy Eye, Johnny switched to his acoustic guitar and played the first few notes of Slide, and the crowd went absolutely nuts.

Robby seemed to enjoy bouncing around making funny faces to the crowd and trying to keep his hair out of his face. After Slide, they spoke to the crowd and took turns spraying water from their bottles onto the crowd (it was very hot inside the building), while Mike kept a steady beat going....Then they started playing Naked and the crowd again went nuts. After Naked, the lights dimmed and they played Black Balloon. Johnny introduced the next song (Broadway) as his old neighborhood in Buffalo. Johnny explained that Robby had laryngitis, but that didn't stop Robby from telling the crowd that he would try to "bark his way through a song" as they launched into January Friend, much to the delight of the crowd.

They followed that with Flat Top, then Bulletproof, then Name (as he pulled a girl on stage to sing the last verse), then Robby came back with Full Forever. They played There You Are, then dimmed the lights once again for Iris. Dave Schulz on keyboards and Nathan December on guitar were excellent backups for the Goos. They left the stage, and came back with an encore perfomance of Hate This Place and an older song (I think it was called Everything).

Anyway, the show was excellent, and the opening act Athenaeum got a HUGE response from the crowd, in part because they are from Greensboro, NC which is only an hour and a half from Charlotte, so we consider them a "local band". Athenaeum just had their video for their new single "Flat Tire" debut on MTV the night before, so the band seemed extra pumped. Also, their guitarist is a Charlotte native, so he had a good time with the crowd. By the way, if you're watching Melrose Place on November 16th, the opening song is Flat Tire from Athenaeum. Also, it was reported that a later episode will have another one of their songs, "No One", during the middle of the show. In conclusion, both bands were incredible. Athenaeum set the tone perfectly for the Goos to come in and bring the house down, which they did.