From: Olga

March 20, 1999
Charlotte Colliseum
Charlotte, NC

After riding 17 hours on the bus, I finally got to Charlotte from Miami for the Rolling Stones concert on Saturday, March 20th. I didn't get to the Colisseum early enough to catch the Goos before the show. I got there around 6 pm, and met Doug and his friend Sara outside nearby the line to get inside. It was great meeting another Goo fan, I think we were like the only Goo fans there. It was fun to see some of the outfits some of these Stone fans had on, for one thing. We got in at about 7:30. I was lucky to sneak in half of my camera, it wasn't that easy. Thanks to Doug, I was able to sneak in the other half! I had balcony seats but I couldn't settle for that, especially if I was only going to see my Goos for one hour...I was uneasy the whole time, so, 10 minutes before the concert started, I rushed down to the floor section. The Colisseum was randomly empty, everybody was still looking for their seats, so I thought I might have a good chance to get up front real close, just for the Goos' showtime. I tried going down one way but these bunch of 'no security' guards (yeah, right!) were surrounding the area around the pit, on both stages, the large one and the small one. I was completely locked out! They were checking for pit tickets there so I was really disappointed. I stood behind the last row in the center view of the stage on the floor section, but as soon as the lights went out and the crazy lighting with the church music started, I ran down the aisle and was able to get up to 20 feet from the stage, right behind the pit bars. The Goos remained on the larger stage the whole time. When Johnny stormed out with Dizzy, I felt like I was holding all these energy inside my body that wouldn't release itself because I was surrounded by a very lame audience. I was burning up inside, it was horrible. I was the only one singing all of their songs - the people around me must have thought I was very strange. Well who cares what they thought, it was my one special Goo moment. And all of it went by so fast. There was no way I could get upfront to break lose. I kept walking all over, trying. I engaged myself into taking pictures of the boys the best I could, since I couldn't do much otherwise. I almost lose my camera to a security when I got too close near the stage, but I was faster than her, hahaha. I think I took some pretty good pictures of them. I don't think I could ever sit through a Goo concert. Johnny and Robby weren't interacting with the audience much, that would have been a bit difficult since the place was huge, they were just singing song after song. In the middle, each band member was introduced properly, lol. They played Acoustic#3, which I never expected to be played, so that was a nice surprise. Iris was their last song, and as usual, everyone knew this song. After that they walked off the stage, I was gasping for air from moving around so much. I thought I should go try meet them immediately. Unfortunately they left right after they finished playing. (Anyone going to an R.S. concert with the Goos and wants to meet them, I suggest you either try hours before the concert or right after they finish playing. Go outside and wait in the back!) After this concert I prefer their smaller gigs 100 times over.

I have to admit the Stone fans at this concert kinda sucked. Even for their own Stone show, at least to me, seeing this place so tightly packed I should have had my ears ringing afterwards. But no. You should have seen Mick Jagger trying to get the audience into it continuously, he was supercharged with energy, dancing and running up and down the stage tirelessly. That man never stops. He impressed me. After seeing him live I must rate him right next to Michael Jackson in the dancing skills. He's not sexy, it's in the moves. He lifted his shirt up for like 5 minutes and kept rubbing his chest to excite a dead corner. It was hilarious, if you can imagine his huge lips moving along. There was one sign in the whole Colisseum, ONE small sign that was well hidden behind the stage, that was about it. Mick pointed at it. I don't know what the sign read. Almost everyone there was either drunk, or too old, or their shoes were stuck onto the floor. I was observing everything because I'm not a Rolling Stones fans and I barely know their music so I played concert detective for the night, lol. Other highlights of the night were when the band was being introduced, I think Keith Richards got the most cheer, my opinion. Another one was when the whole band moved onto the smaller stage and the pitters almost got up on the stage, but security didn't let them, hehehe. After the Stones played a couple of songs, both Mick and Keith gave their intact guitars to two guys up in the front, I thought that was really cool! So the concert went on. It lasted over 2 hours. I still can't get convinced the Stones give a better show than the Goos b/c they don't! So little personal interaction. The thick air in there only got heavier. Everything was televized.

Hmm, what else. I got to see the Stones leaving in their fancy limous. Uuuuh. They are very ugly and wrinkled. I also met a nice roadie who works for the Stones. I think he was more than a roadie because he knew a lot about the money business. He thought I was nuts to come from so far away to see the Goos only - at a Rolling Stones concert. Well, it was a free gift. At one point I asked him about the Goos' budget. He said the Stones were only paying the Goos "4 figures" for being opening band. What's four figures? He couldn't tell me the exact amount. I could go figure...

Anyway, all in all, I had a good time. I wished I had met the Goos though, I took the long ride from Miami with high hopes of meeting them again. Next time I guess.