From KristenÖ

October 9th, 1999

University of Illinois

Champaign, IL

Hey all,

What follows will be a review of the Champaign show to the best of my ability...I just got home...Iím tired and I can barely see...but here goes nothin:

My friend and I arrived rather early because we didn't want to be late and I was unsure how long it would take for us to get out there. We saw a small group of people hover around the tour buses......and got to meet some really nice people! *grin* none of which were on any of the lists Iím on.

We were able to catch a very close up glimpse of the lead singer of Tonic! (I remarked at his flower!!) and saw Robby as well....heís so adorable! LOL (they both were) my friend kept harassing a roadie for his dragon t-shirt but he wouldn't give it up!

Anyway they let us in at 7-ish and well, that bit cuz it was raining, but I suppose it could have been worse! *grin* Fern opened and they were actually pretty goo-d!! My friend bought the cd and they signed it for her...pretty neato!

Tonic came on...rawked like I knew they would...they are a very talented band and if you'd didn't know of them before you won't forget them now....they cuss a bit more than we expected....but ah well it's a f*ckin concert!! *wink* played their current single......AND their past hits.....and the title track off their new album out in stores November 9th.

Then....of course...the Goos....they were in EXCELLENT form!!! *grin* SET LIST FOLLOWS: Dizzy, Long Way Down, Lazy Eye, Slide, There You Are, Full Forever, Black Balloon, Bullet Proof, Naked, Name, January Friend, Cuz You're Gone (with A Thousand Words) Broadway, Second Time Around, Flat Top, Acoustic #3 Iris, ENCORE: Just the Way You Are (yeah!), Burnin' Up, Hate This Place, and 2 days....

They came out with so much energy we could tell the show would be one of their best! It was being taped for a showing in the net in November! kewl!! I didn't make the videos cuz we were too far away and I guess we didn't look like half clothed chicks!

The second verse of Name was entirely cut out...he didn't even bother to sing it at all! (that was odd!!!) the Name story was a little different and here's how I remember it:: so how does it feel to be in college??? man Iím gonna have kids one day and Iím gonna send them to college...I want all girls boys!!! cuz boys turn 13 and they want all your shit!! girls turn thirteen and they say "love you daddy- can I have 20 bucks???" ANYWAY, I'm afraid to have my girls away at college tho....cuz you know what happens the first semester? you take a hit off a joint and the romeo frat boy starts lookin goo-d! then romeo says come back to my place....let's you go...and then he gives you a beer......*sound effect of beer opening* and another and another....and pretty soon romeo frat boy looks REALLLY good....and you realize this is the first time the leash has been let out so far that you can make your own decision! "hell I can f*ck him if I want to* next thing you wake in the morning and it's like *yawn* damn my head hurts....where am I??? OH GOD PLEASE TELL ME I DIDN"T....I didn't sleep with him...and you look over and there is romeo *snores* and you tip toe out of the room...and have to walk alllllllllll the way back to your the SAME clothes you were wearing last night! IT'S THE WALK OF SHAME LADIES!!! but I have a solution.....I say invite romeo to YOUR what you want with him...then kick his ASS out!!! make him walk allllll the way back ...... *grin* moral is better to have lived and have a few regrets than not to have lived at all. INTO NAME.....

John played the BEST guitar solo in Cuz You're was amazing!! I mean I was floored!!! (he called it his 70's tribute) I loved it...right into a Thousand Words....which he altered a bit.......(threw in the I wanna f*ck you line) BUT I haven't seen them perform that since I adored it!! I was the only one screaming at the top of my lungs.....the crowd was made up of primarily newer fans...BUT my friend appreciated it a lot...sooo!!!BTW if anyone gets a bootleg of this concert you HAVE to let me know!!!

ANYWAY, all in all one of the best performances I've seen in a while...they were soooooooooooo on tonight.....except that John seemed a bit pissy in the beginning but he changed his mood when he got more into the concert!!! *grin* JUST THE WAY YOU ARE was awesome!! regardless of it being my favorite song!!! *wink* and of course the goo psycho version of 2 days killed as well!!! *grin*

OH ALMOST FORGOT!!!! I met two nice gals from the list!! sweets the both of them!!! it was great to meet ya'll!!! *hugglesÖ.. alright...there it is.....let me know what you think...Iím off to bed....can't stay awake any longer!!! *YAWN!!* ~one extremely satisfied customer....