From: Kelly

Shea's PAC
Dec 2& 3, 1999
Buffalo, NY

The Dec 2nd Goo show was awesome -- well, except maybe Mexican Cession (no offense meant to the group or anyone else, they're just not my thing; they had great energy, though). They were the winners of the Edge's opening act competition. Kinda ska-like-stuff, I guess. They didn't play their cover of Iris, it was all their own stuff. Then another group played, I think Vouloir (but don't hold me to that, I was at that certain stage of deafness that makes you unable to understand a SINGLE WORD anyone says), any they were pretty good, more of a real rock band than Mexican Cession. But at that point I wanted GOO, and I was sick of opening acts, no matter how good they were. But, for the record, the second group was good.

Anyway, then FINALLY the show actually started, the Goos opened to disco-type lighting flashing around and a somewhat undescribable little recorded "goo goo" song.... then everything got real dark and the guys came on and played (as usual) Dizzy -- it was great, really high energy... after that, they did LWD and Lazy Eye, and they kept up the great energy.... next they played Slide, and the crowd went totally crazy, and we sang, in my opinion, quite well when asked to!

The rest of the show was awesome -- they did most of the same songs as were normally on the set list.... it was all off SSCW, ABNG, or DUTG until the encore, then they did Just the Way You Are and 2 Days, which was awesome as always (I think they scared the old people sitting next to me right at the end there, with the sudden burst of squealing guitar and stuff). Nathan's solo during Iris was great, really cool, and John's during Cuz You're Gone (or was it a thousand words?) was really cool, too... and Mike's solo before Naked was really cool too (oh, he actually spoke once, too, to respond to John, so that was cool cuz he normally never talks at concerts) Robby was as energetic as always and really got the crowd pumped... John was more energetic than normal. The two took great joy in throwing the confetti stuff (from after the "greed" movie) all over the front row, and giving people down there five and stuff.... And John told very amusing stories, about his nightmare about the Backstreet Boys (getting beat up cuz he would obviously "not succumb to their wierd ways").... in short, it was REALLY REALLY GREAT!!!

The show on the 3rd was even better, in my opinion --if that was possible! Maybe it was just cuz my seats were a lot better, but the crowd seemed way more pumped and in to it and the guys, I think, were really happy to be there (but also sad that their homecoming shows were almost over, I think)... but anyway, starting from the beginning:

Lance Diamond opened -- it was pretty cool -- y'know, as sort of a Goo-cultural-thing.... he did Never Take the Place of Your Man and Bitch, as well as Backstreet Boys and Ricky Martin covers (and I must say, he's better than either of them)... he also did that never fail crowd-rouser, Celebrate by Kool and the Gang. It was interesting.

Once again, the disco-dancing lights came on and the goo goo psycho song played, and the guys ran on to the stage playing Dizzy with, if possible, more enthusiasm than the last night's show.... the crowd was on their feet before the end of the first verse... they were pumped, we were pumped, all was goo -- it was spectacular! The set list was, of course, the same... but don't let people tell you that every show is exactly the same, they're certainly not -- John told different stories, Robby announced that his grandmother was there (she was the one three rows directly in front of me who was so into it she kept waving her arms around in front of my face -- cool grandmother!!... my only living one is in a nursing home... I don't think she'd appreciate a Goo concert...!), and John got out the confetti-blowing thing at one point and "cleaned up" the stage (blew it all over the crowd, that is).... it was really cool! I had a fanstastic time!!... y'know, it's like my English teacher with great American novels: "I laughed, I cried" (literally, I cried out of happiness, is that pitiful or what?)..... in short,REALLY REALLY awesome!!!

After the concert I dragged my cousin up to the stage to hang out there for a while -- I got some guitar picks and found someone to give a picture to, which was then supposed to be passed on to the guys (it's something I drew, of the corner of Clark and Kent, in a fictional little Goo world, with the SSCW and bunch of other Goo and Buffalo in general stuff). The only disappointing thing was that I didn't get to meet my "goo e-friend," Lauren -- hey Lauren, maybe some other time, huh? hope you had a great time! -- but I had the most spectacular time, these were especially great shows.... the crowd was cool, too -- we tried our best to sing happy birthday to John on the 3rd, and the energy was great, at least up close to the stage..... and we all had our little signed pictures for bringing our toys (thanks to the goos for signing all of those, huh?!?), and we all went home quite happy.... I certainly did... you have no idea how long it took me to get to sleep!!.... took psyched.... anyway, the Buffalo concerts were great, and I can't wait to see the Goos again -- anyone who hasn't, better catch em when they get back to the States!