From: Jenn

Shea's PAC
Dec 3, 1999
Buffalo, NY

I was in Buffalo for the 12/3 show last weekend, and it was the most fun I have had a long time!!!

It takes about 3 hours to get there from where I go to school, and I left at 4pm from my last class. At about 7 or so, I was getting the station from buffalo where they were broadcasting live from Sheas, and they were playing only goo goo dolls music!! That helped me get even more excited! They were playing broadway as we were just entering the city and seeing all the was a pretty cool moment!! We got to the hotel and checked in and made it right across the street to sheas at 7:30 (Just in time to give RobbieBoy his tickets:) The theatre was beautiful! I wasn't really expecting that...anyway, I gave my toy ( barbie) and got one of the cool autographed photos!

The show was really amazing. Lance Diamond totally ROCKED!!! I loved his sequins...he was just so full of energy; he sure knows how to entertain!!! I thought his version of the backstreet boys song (backstreet's back) was so funny...and livin' la vida loca! And you gotta love "Never Take the Place of Your Man." I knew he had to sing that one...I was so happy when it came on!

The time before the goos came on was suspenseful as usual, but I met Jackie and Maureen and we hung out so it was cool!! Hi guys!!

So the guys finally came on, and they were so full of energy, and they looked and sounded GREAT!!! At the very beginning a girl somehow got up on stage and ran to johnny...he looked kinda scared! Security took her away though. It was pretty much the setlist from the other tours, except they did Fallin' Down (which I've never heard live) and also Hate This Place, which I also hadn't heard. Before they did Fallin' Down, John was talking about the birthday card he got, and about how in the corner really small, someone had written "I like your old music better." So he said "This one's REALLY old..." and they did the song=) There were lots of black balloons and bubbles floating around during Black Balloon, which was really cool! During one of Robby's songs, he stopped and said hello to his grandmother, which was really adorable. Johnny also told the audience about how he thinks everyone is from buffalo, because they were doing a show in sweden and he asked, "Is there anyone out the!re from Buffalo?" and that three guys in the back screamed. One of the funniest things that happened that night was when the confetti bursts out....well maybe they were trying to get rid of the extra confetti or something, because it just kept coming...and coming....and coming....through the whole entire song...there was tons of it! John was half singing/ half laughing and asking "what the hell is going on?? What are you guys doing??" He eventually went over to the side of the stage and got the whole box of confetti and threw it into the audience, and he also threw a whole pile of it on Robby while he was doing a song, which was also very funny. And of course he had to go get the leaf blower and clean some of it up.

As for the happy birthday sing-along, It didn't work after Iris ( I looove Nathan's solo in that, how he walks up to the front of the stage...), the show was just going too fast...I did notice when we tried again later, though, I think it was right before 2 days in Feb...but John couldn't hear us I don't think!

This was definitely the best of the four goo shows I've been to...the energy was just through the roof. At the end of the show, John and Robby started rolling around on the stage, wrestling like was very cute!!

Saturday night I went to the C O Jones (Daves band) show at the totally rocked!! I highly recommend you guys check them out (I think their webpage is

Thankyou to all the cool fans I met in Buffalo!! You guys made my weekend so fun!!!