From: Andrea

Marine Midland Arena
Sept 28, 1996
Buffalo, NY

On September 28, 1996 three great bands rocked the stage at the Marine Midland 
Arena.  The 10000 Maniacs, Barenaked Ladies and the Goo Goo Dolls gave Buffalo a 
memorable show.  The three bands are either based in or around Buffalo.  These bands 
played for the grand opening of the Marine Midland Arena.
	The 10000 Maniacs opened with an energetic performance.  The Maniacs were on 
stage for 35 minutes and they played some old and new songs.  Since the Maniacslost 
thier lead singer, Natile Merchant, they did a good job keeping the band together.  The 
new singer, Mary Ramesy, developed an enthusiastic interest in performing on Saturday 
night.  The Maniacs brought the crowd to life when they played "These Are The Days," 
which was the last song they performed for the night.
	The next band to perform was the Barenaked Ladies.  The Ladies played many 
different songs to accommadate the evening.  They played old and new songs that brought 
a sense of good feeling to the arena.  The Ladies got everyone to their feet during 
"Shoebox" and the crowd joined in on singing the song.  The Ladies finshed their 
performance with "If I Had a Million Dollars"  Lead singer, Page, joined in everyone to 
singalong with the band.  The Ladies got the crowd very involved with their music by 
dancing around the stage and having a good time.  The Barenaked Ladies got everyone 
primed to see the Goo Goo Dolls perform.
	The final band  to take the stage was the Goo Goo Dolls.  The lead singer, 
Johnny Rzeznik, led the band in an energetic show at the new Arena.  Although Johnny was 
sufferinf from a head cold, he was able to perform at the best of his ablity.  The 
opening number, "Naked" brought 15000 people to their feet.  The Goos were happy to be 
home after a tour that lasted 21 months.  The Goos kept the mosh pit strong during "Only 
One" and "Falling Down."  Some of the best songs performed that night were "Eyes Wide 
Open," Lucky Star," "Long Way Down" and "Million Miles Away."
	The Goos played songs from their 5 hit CDs.  Off "A Boy Named Goo"  they 
performed their hit single "Name."  The crowd went widd when Johnny dedicated the song 
to his sister.  Many lighters waved in the air during the song.  Since Buffalo is the 
Goo Goo Dolls hometown they gave an extra special performance at the Arena.  Robby Takac 
grew up in West Seneca and graduated from West Seneca East High School.  Johnny Rzeznik 
lived in the city of Buffalo his whole life.  The Goos are proud that they come from 
Buffalo and they will always show it at the concerts.
	Although the Goo Goo Dolls were a little nervous about playing in front of 15000 
people, they gave the crowd a memorable show.  The Goos gave Buffalo an energetic encore 
which they played "Two Days In February" and "Disconnected."  Robby showed his 
excitement while singing a few songs off their albums.  The Goo Goo Dolls put on one of 
the best shows Buffalo has ever seen.  We hope they come back soon to play many more.
	The grand opening of the Marine MIdland Arena was an exciting event to bo part 
of.  Each band put on a magnificent show.  The bands were proud to be the first people 
to play in the new Arena and it showed in their music.  From the excitement of the bands 
it made the night something to remember for a long time.