From: Mike C. Pawlik

Memorial Auditorium
Apr 13, 1996
Buffalo, NY

if your really bored and have nothing left to do,you can read my 
review of the buffalo show. i must say that no doubt put on an 
excellent show. im not really into that horn shit in the 
background,but the fast pace she consistantly kept throughout their 
set was great.theres nothin worse than having an opening act who has 
one song on the radio, stand in one place the whole set and sing 
their songs,boring the shit outta you.even though i didnt know their 
songs,she kept everyones interest by jumping around on stage and 
keeping everyones attention

.and then came the goo goo dolls.good ole county man dennis gorski 
hobbles on stage and says,i love the gggooo
dolls.i dont know what was worse.all the boos he received or the fact 
that he couldnt even pronounce their name right.anyway,well respected 
rich wall of 103.3 edge took over and introduced them.lights go 
down,the cool sound effects echo through the aud,and expecting the 
goos to rip into a heavy rocker,they play naked.interesting 
thing i enjoyed was the fact that they changed up their set a little 
from other shows, a definite bonus.basically an average goo show for 
an opening slot.many missed two days in february,but having only 45 
minutes to cover their usual 90 minute set, they did a good 
job.intersting encore throwing in lucky star while robby sported the 
new funky sabres jersey, and then ending with an obvious dont 
change.of couse an excellent set from the goos.cant really expect 
anymore from an opening slot

.so then comes mighty ole bush.i tell ya, 
i really enjoy bushes cd, but i cant fukin stand it when a band takes 
a 4-5 minute song and turns it into an 8 minute song.through many 
songs, bush dragged them on and on, to the point where people were 
actually sitting down in the seats.also, the constant movement on the 
stage that no doubt and the goos have, bush does not.bush did move 
occasionally,but couldnt push the intensity the goos and no doubt had.
bush did rock though.i do like them alot, but as far as live 
performances go,if your not in the mosh pit, goodnight.a very 
predictable encore with glycerine and everything zen.altogether, a 
good show.though would i stand 4-5 hours in line for it,probalbally 
not.if you have actually read this whole review you must be really 
freakin bored