Buffalo, NY - HSBC Arena
March 27, 2003
From: ChickenCookie

Here's my perspective of the Buffalo show last night: I had met up with Bri and her parents earlier that day, and we walked to the arena before the show to wait around and see if we could meet the guys going in for soundcheck. I had a couple of things I wanted to give to Robby, so we asked some of the security guards, who refused to take it. Then we saw a woman going in and asked if she'd take it in, and she did! Several hours later, up drives a big, black, shiny tour bus, and out pops John! We screamed "John, John! We love you John!" and he turned around and gave us a smile and a wave before going in. Next, in comes a car with Jason and Greg in the back, and we did the same. A big smile came across Greg's face ... what a cutie! Then, the highlight ... just when we were about to give up and get something to eat, up drives this car with Robby in the passenger side! We was talking on the cellphone, right in front of us for a good minute or so because they didn't open the gate right away, so we got to scream and wave at him, and he returned the gesture. That made my afternoon! So we went back to the hotel and got something to eat, and headed back to the arena and found our seats. It wasn't long before the lights when down, and we heard Dizzy blaring through the speakers! The Goos raced through song after song, stopping briefly a few times to talk to the hometown crowd. One time he said "I was talking to this woman the other day, and she said I didn't care about my hometown anymore, and that's bullshit because I have always been so fucking proud I'm from here. People from Buffalo know about hard work, and that's what makes his place great!" This, this right here, is exactly why I will always love and support this band. Even though we had nosebleed seats, when John remembers his hometown this way, I can't help but feel *right there* with them, yanno? John also briefly told the Gutterflower Girl story, and later said that he was going to send his 6-year old neice to kick her ass "cuz she's from Buffalo and she can do that!" He also said that Bon Jovi had given him a lot of beer, since it was their hometown and all, and that they were going to party that night and he knew he'd have a HUGE hangover in the morning. We all stopped to wish Greg a happy birthday, and John asked whether anyone wanted to come backstage and spank him (Greg); he then asked if anyone wanted to come backstage and spank HIM (John)! After finishing with Iris, during which he implored the crowd to "sing along if you know the words", the Goos ran off the stage. But we knew to wait ... within a minute or two the boys were back out to finish up with a rousing encore of American Girl! Overall, I'm not sure I've ever heard the Goos more "on" than last night. They sounded terrific, and the nerves that seemed to plague John at the last show in Buffalo (Aug 2002) were nowhere to be seen. It was an awesome show! Bri and I decided we'd leave after Goo and take our chances out back, neither one of us really cared about seeing Bon Jovi. So we headed out back for another long (COOOOOLD) wait. Again, several hours later, we saw that small frame with red hair flying everywhere .... ROBBY!!! He ran over to us "cradling two bottles of beer like they're my children". LOL He signed stuff for us and gave out some of them famous Robby hugs . One girl asked him to sign the back of her T-shirt, but it was a Bon Jovi shirt ... he screamed! He said "it's not that I mind Bon Jovi, but ... HE'S NEKKID!" ROFLMAO! I asked him if he got the stuff I left for him backstage and he said he did, and thanked me, which was very sweet. Now lots of Bon Jovi fans were coming out, so in a flash, our little red-haired freak was gone. Since I was quite literally a popsicle at that point, we passed on waiting for Mike or John. So, yes folks, I am proud to say I'm no longer a member of the Never Met the Goos loser club.