Buffalo, NY - NSBC Arena
March 27, 2003

From: Bri

I get to the hotel that I'm staying at and then CC calls and we make some arrangements. Then she shows up to he hotel and we are off to the venue. We got to the back area where the tour buses were and there was one Bon Jovi fan who was very nice We hung around there and met a security guard who would then keep CC and i amused that day and vice versa. We waited and waited and waited and then yup, you guessed it waited some more. Then Zoo and Myshele showed up and we waited some more for the Goo's. Then finally John shows up in the tour bus and he waves and smiles at us. After that CC and I were tired and losing a little hope of seeing Robby when he pulls up in a mini van. The guards were having some problems getting the gate open or something so Robby was infront of us for a little bit and we were waving and stuff to him and he waved and smiled back. Then time to go to the hotel and eat and then... THE CONCERT! This concert was by far one of the most amazing ones I've ever been to. The Goo's were so on last night. The only word I can think of to describe it is amazing. All eyes on me just kicked ass, completely awesome. As usual I cried during Name. I'm so happy that I ended up going to this concert. CC and I left after Goo cause we both really did not want to see Bon Jovi and we saw our friend the security guard again. He seemed shocked to see us again... After waiting freezing my ass off and jumping around while singing tucked away who do we see but Robby!! Robby and he comes up and starts to talk to us and does the autograph thing. Seeing CC meet him was priceless. Then when it was my turn I said to him...I don't know if you recognize my name but I'm BriGoo. Then he took my cheeks in his hands and gave me the cutest kiss on the cheek So, I guess that means he recognized me lol!! I got a picture with him, and my mom was doing the picture thing lol so she got one when he was signing something for me and then another of Robby and myself. God, I love that guy. He is honestly the coolest guy alive hands down. So yes..that was not really short but oh well.