Bristow, VA - Nissan Pavillion
July 27, 2003
From: songbird82

Just thought I'd right a little bit about my concert experience last night. First of all it was so freakin' hot last night that I think I sweated off a couple of pounds just standing around. Anyway the Goos came out and totally rocked. As soon as they came out my friend and I stood up, even though we were the only ones in our section doing it (everyone else didn't know what they were missing!). Nothing like seeing the Goos live. I was a little disappointed they didn't play "Naked", but I got over it and enjoyed what they did play. Not a lot of talking from the guys, but I can't blame them considering how hot it was. I don't know how they managed to play so well and not keel over. In between sets I bought the tote bag because I had to (it was calling to me). For those who are interested, it cost $25. Bon Jovi's set was awesome as well. The hour of acoustic songs was a nice change of pace. Anyway when I got out to the parking lot my car was covered in dust from all the cars kicking it up as they drove around the parking lot. My friend goes to me, "Somebody wrote something on your car." I look and someone wrote in the dust on my windshield, "Go Dolls...Jovi sucks!" I don't exactly agree with the last part, but I laughed and shook my head. All in all, it was an awesome show!