Bristow, VA - Nissan Pavillion
July 27, 2003
From: Brooke, allthatgoo

Here's my little Review of the Rocking Bristow Show! I was so psyched, this was my first GOO show after being converted into a GOOFreak (since Daytona was such a Freakin AWFUL trip). And we were REALLY close, only about what, 10 rows back, closest i've ever been to anything (and I owe it all to allthatgoo) We got there when the parking opened at 4pm, parked in the premier parking, so we could be close, FREAKED out when the GOOS buses rolled in (sorry Gail, hope I didn't stretch your shirt). Took pictures of the buses going in, Hope the guys saw that they had some hardcore fans there, that it wasn't just a bunch of jovi freaks LMAO (NOT saying that's a bad thing, just saying I hope they know that they had some there for just them) So, here's the set List (as close as me and Gail could remember, I think we got it though, we were too busy dancing and singing to write it down) No particular order:

All eyes on me
What a Scene (my song, which might I add, I cried during cuz of what it means to me JEEZ)
Here is Gone
Tucked Away

There wasn't a whole lot of talking, no Jokes, no Stories, just lots of music (although it was over way too quickly) John and Robby though played off the crowd Alot, and I held up my sign in between songs, it was bright pink, and had "I got rained out in Daytona, Missed my Goos, Give me some Sympathy" I swear, John was looking down, and then he looked up, I think he read it, and this huge smile, (OMG, thought I was gonna fall out), and then he tucked his head, it was really cute, Made my day, week, month etc. John was wearing the camos, and the peek a belly shirt, LOL, and this damn cap Prolly cuz it was so hot, I think I sweated about 10 pds off (not that that's a bad thing), Can't imagine what it was like for them up there under the lights. I got lots of pics, I got to take my good camera in, so, they should be awesome, I'll update with pics on Thurs night when I get them back. I think Robby may have read my shirt too, who Knows for sure, but it had on the front, what's in my sig," Hi, my name is Brooke, and I'm a GOOFRK" and on the back, it said, "and I just want you to know who I am" Home made shirt to show the GOOs luv LOL. We left after they played, and made our way back to the back gate (which the buses were behind, "no unauthorized personnel"), No meet and greet last night Oh well, we watched forlornly as the buses slowly moved on out K-So I'll quit babbling now, THEY F'N rocked, and I'm COMPLETELY ADDICTED NOW! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I'm sure my shirt will recover...but will you recover from the deafening scream that came out of my mouth when we saw those buses? I think everyone in that parking lot heard me scream HOLY SH*T IT'S THEIR BUSES!!! Remember their fishy smiles...I know they had to be thinking we were But don't forget about seeing Mike before the Goo's set began! And me saying 'OMG IT'S MIKE!!!" (I seemed to say OMG a lot that night! LOL) And then when we saw those camo pants.... Hope your picture of those camo pants facing us comes out GOOd It was a rockin' show wasn't it? It was over FAR too quickly, though!!! I'm so glad that you could come and that our seats were so awesome! Thanks for being such a great Goo friend and not abandoning me after I screamed like a teenager in the parking lot! I can't wait until our next Goo fix!!!!