From: Raeka

The Avalon
Nov 14, 1998
Boston, MA

Ok, I just got back from Boston and yes I was there to see the Goos. Seriously, that was the most amazing experience of my entire life!!!! It was my first Goo show and I certainly intend on going to many many more!! I was loving the id checker because I'm 16 and the concert is 18+ and he knew my id was fake but let me in anyway!! I got there at around 6:10 and the show started at 7, so I was standing in like the second row of people (if you can call them rows) from the stage.

I have to say, I really like Athaneum- I thought they rocked and built up the crowd a lot. Everything was the same as most of the reviews say. When they left the stage, the alterboy came out and lit the candles, and I was like dying because I thought it was a dream!! Like all of the other shows, they ran out and immediately started out with Dizzy. Everyone looked so good!!! Johnny was wearing a tight short sleeve T-shirt that said Flat Shoars Elementary, a hat with a little picture of Elmo in the front (which I loved because his hair wasn't covering his beautiful face) and long green shorts, Robby was wearing black pants and a black shirt and unfortunately his hair was in his face most of the time, and I couldn't tell exactly what Mike was wearing. Nathan and Dave looked good too.

Their sound was AMAZING. I couldn't believe I was standing like 3 feet away from them. I think they sounded 100 times better than they do on the CD which is hard to do seeing as the CD is so damn good. They played all of the songs that other reviews mentioned but I don't remember exactly which ones. I have to say my favorites which they performed were Hate This Place, Bulletproof, and Black Balloon. It was really cool, during Black Balloon some girl blew up like 4 balck balloons and started throwing them around, Johnny really got a kick out of this and every time they got up to the stage he hit them or kicked them while he was singing. When the song was over people tried to get them and I got one (as a souvenier)!

Johnny and Robby were really cool the whole show. They were both reaslly energetic and happy and constantly smiling. Unlike some bands, they seemed like they really loved being there! Someone commented on how they love Johnny's chin, and he laughed and started saying that he's gonna need a bra for it when he's old. He also loved it when some girl threw up her bra. He kept playing with it and even put it around his chin saying that maybe the girl was hinting something. He told the name story which EVERYONE loved and when introducing the band members he had Dave play his fav song which Robby hates and Robby threw his water at Johhny and Dave. I had heard of them doing this at another show but it was still funny. There was someone in the audience who had a sign saying "Girl Right Next To Me" and a picture of Johnny and Robby and on the back it said "Boston or Bust" and during the encore John asked for the poster and told her that he had seen her at so many shows with that poster and dedicated the next song (GRNTM) to her. She must have been so excited. He also did lots of small things duiring the show like waving at people during songs or pointing to some women in the front while singing Slide. It was really sweet.

Anyway, I 'm probably forgetting a million things because I'm still so excited. I can't believe I actually saw them and everyone should do ANYTHING they can to see them, even if it means a 10hr road trip or the use of fake ids becuase it is well worth it!!! Anyway sorry it is so long but I'm just really happy right now!!! Just two more things, my friend who went with me, went to the show thinking the Goos were barely ok and left absolutely loving them and also I just want to say that I really liked the small setting of the avalon. I thought it made the concert seem more personal with them and their sound was great. Oh yeah, unfortunately I was a dumbass and didn't bring a camera or anything because I wasn't expecting to get in but it doesn't matter because I will never forget any part of this show!!!