From: Chrissy Taylor

Harborlights Venue
Aug 17, 1996
Boston, MA

     Once again the Goo Goo Dolls never cease to amaze me. You'd figure 
     after seeing them countless times that the novelty would eventually 
     wear off but it NEVER does. Nothing is more fun, energetic and intense 
     as a Goo show. What makes them so amazing is that each and every show 
     is so different from the last. Not just the songs, but the attitude, 
     the silliness and of course the crowd reaction ( or in this case, lack 
     there of) They have the most wonderful way of making evryone in the 
     room feel like you are friends with them and the most incredible 
     energy level that makes even the lamest of the lame get off thier 
     asses and dance.
     They opened this particular show with "Naked" and continued to play 
     for roughly an hour ( WAY too short if you ask me) playing many 
     favourites of mine which included " We Are The Normal", "Eyes Wide 
     Open", "Another Second Time Around" and "Fallin' Down". Definately 
     perfection at it's best....and just HOW Robby broke strings during 
     "Name" I will never know.
     The one and only drawback of the night was the fact that 98% of the 
     crowd was there to see The Gin Blossoms (Boo Hiss) so nobody really 
     seemed to appreciate all the Goo's had to offer. I don't know about 
     the rest of you but I am anxiously awaiting the days of small clubs 
     and 2 hour sets again.