From: Heather

March 23, 1999
Boston, MA

First of all, the Goo's rocked. My seats were behind the stage, but I still had a good view. Before they came out I watched them go beneath the stage and get ready, which was cool. They came out playing Dizzy, then went into Long Way Down. Johnny, Robby, and Dave were all dressed in black, Mike wore a t-shirt and shorts, and Nathan wore a red t-shirt and black pants. As usual, Robby didn't wear any shoes. They didn't talk much, but they did play really good.

Before Name, Johnny was really sweet. He said that on their way to an interview, they had to get past some cops. One of the cops said he was going to the show, and he asked Johnny to dedicate a song for his anniversary. So Johnny wrote it on his arm so he could remember, and he dedicated Name to them.

At one point during the concert, Johnny and Robby turned their microphone stands to face us, and talked about how we got a view of their best sides. When Johnny introduced the band, he introduced Dave by calling him some weird name (I couldn't tell what, the speakers were really bad.), he introduced Mike as, I think he said something like a pre-op transsexual, and Robby as Bob. Then he mentioned that he would probably get his ass kicked from introducing them like that.

Oh yeah, then the Rolling Stones came on. Let's just say that my expierience with them and their fans wasn't fun. (I'm not much of a Stones fan.) I do however, have to say that they were pretty energetic even though they're all in their 50's, but I still think the Goo's were way better. It was kinda sad though, watching the Goo's getting a few screams and a little clapping playing to a half empty house, then watching the Stones get a standing ovation for strumming a guitar. But the Goo's didn't seem to care, they were really energetic, and seemed happy to be there. Hopefully one day they'll be as big as the Rolling Stones.

Here's the set list according to my memory. I may have missed a few songs, or they might be out of order.

Long Way Down
Black Balloon (introduced as Broadway)
January Friend
Acoustic #3