From: Kyle

March 22, 1999
Boston, MA

I just got back from one incredible concert. It was about a 2 and a half hours drive to Boston, and i got there really early. The Fleet Center was pretty empty so i just went to my seat and waited for the concert to start. I tried to go down closer to the stage but the security was pretty tight and i couldn't get very close. I returned to my seat and a few minutes later the lights went out.

They rushed on stage and started right in on Dizzy, they sounded really good and had a lot of energy. Robby and John kept on running to different sides of the stage, and seemed to be haveing fun. I wanted to get up and dance or run around but everyone there was old and didn't seem to be into the music too much. It was obvious they were all there for the Stones, and most of them didn't know who the GGD's were.

After playing for about an hour they left the stage. I took the elevator down a couple of layers and ended up on the bottom layer near the stage. I was hoping to get a glimpse of them but i got much better, Johnny was standing right near me behind this little metal fence thing. I asked for an autograph and he was so nice and asked what my name was, i said Kyle and he gave me a kind of weird look, probobably becuz of the fact i am a girl with a guy's name. NEway he sighned it and i thanked him.

I was so excited that i stayed down there for a while but eventually this really evil security guard that had been folllowing me around all night caught me and i had to go up again. The GGD's are so appreciative of their fans and i just want to say Johnny, wherever you are thank you for making it a great night.

Oh yeah by the way the Stones came on after and they were ok, but not close to as good as the GGD's.