From: SarahJane

March 22, 1999
Boston, MA

So I brought my Mom to see the Goos and Stones last nite - what a kick ass
show!!  (I'm 26 - so my Mom didn't bring me - I brought her.)  Our tickets
were behind the stage - which actually wasn't that bad.  We could see the
backstage area around the stage.  I watched Johnny and Robby come out and
get ready for the show.  They opened with Dizzy and moved onto Long Way
Down.  The audience was for the most part cool and respected the Goos.
When they started Slide, everyone started clapping and screaming - I guess
people knew it better than Dizzy and Long Way Down.  Here are the rest of
the songs (they may be out of order):
Black Balloon
January Friend
Acoustic #3

Johnny talked in between a few of the songs but they played one song after
another.  They were extremely energetic and they looked like they were
having a great time.  They sounded great in the large arena - we are all
used to seeing them in smaller settings.  Here are some highlights:  For
the end of Name, Johnny turned the mike stand around and sang to everyone
sitting behind the stage - "thanks Johnny."  He did mess up the words to
Black Balloon - I was probably the only person to realize it.  They tried
to interact with the audience.  When Johnny spotted people dancing or
waving - he would head over in their direction or say "i see you."  In the
middle of Slide, Johnny says "what the fuck."  for no apparent reason - I
found it amusing though.

Fashion report:  Johnny was wearing a white tank top, long green shorts,
boots and a black and white striped long stocking cap.  Robby had on a
black shirt and pants and of course - no shoes.  Mike was wearing the usual
shorts and t shirt.

When they were getting the stage area ready for the Stones, the Goos came
out.  During the show, Johnny had said that they were going to watch them
tonite.  He had changed into a gray t-shirt and had put sunglasses on.
While they were waiting for the Stones, Johnny signed autographs and posed
for pictures.  He looked more than happy to do it - I saw him joking around
with people.

They did four radio interviews here that I know of - I don't have time to
write up what they talked about but for all of you here in Boston - Robby
said that they should be coming back in July.

I hope everyone (Carrie & co.) going tonite has a blast.  And I'm ready to
rage in Syracuse next week.  Bye.....