Boston, MA

Private show at the Paradise
March 4, 2003

From: Jenn

Ahhh...Boston....what a great city...glad we are lucky to only live about 40 minutes away. The day was one of those great GOO days! Jenn and I were already pumped to be celebrating her birthday a day early by spending it with the Goos, but we just couldn't imagine how great it would end up being! The private show put on at the Paradise at WBOS was something I just can't describe!!! The Goos were their normal fun selves. They were really great to the little crowd standing so tight around the stage. They talked a bit inbetween songs and just rocked like they were playing to a crowd of 20,000 people! If the sound of those guys playing a song like 'Slide' live in a setting like that isn't heaven than I don't know what is!! They played a total of 4 songs. Slide, Smash, Sympathy and Broadway. WOO HOO! It was great! They were a bit tired from having a late night and a little fun from the night before, but they sounded perfect! What a great, great experience! And for anyone wondering....yes, Jenn and I followed through with our promise and made Mini-Bright-pink YEAH signs on Index cards...they were really cute! Good thing we went with that size, otherwise John would have had a YEAH sign up his nose! It was that close! We hung out a little bit after and talked with some fellow Goo Fans....Jess, Darcy, Jamie and Holly (sorry if I forgot anyone else?)It was cool that WBOS let them in! We talked a little with Damage as well, and then it was off for an afternoon in Boston before the show!!!!