Boston, MA - Fleet Center
March 4, 2003

From: Yeah Girl #1

......the Boston evening show was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The guys sounded SOOO DAMN GOOD!!!!!! WOW WOW WOW is the only way to describe it! Jenn and I never got our 3rd row seats from the guy we bought them from, so we decided to do the will call thing and see what opened up before the show. Holly and Jamie hung out with us for the afternoon in Boston and waited in line for tickets with us too. We ended up being able to get some floor seats in the same section as them, which was really great! We ended up moving around a bit..which was interesting......but when the GOOs finally came on we were right in the middle section of the floor. It was the way far than we had ever been from the stage for Goo, but they sounded so great and the section we were sitting in was filled with a TON of great people. Everyone was rocking out to the Goos! We had the YEAH sign of course and a lot of people asked us about Goo and the GUTTERFLOWER CD and they all had nothing but great stuff to say about GOO! So the four of us rocked out and had a great time, especially with a guy that some people know as "Cow man"...long story, goes to pretty much any event at the Fleet! (said Fleet Centa). Anyways, the show was amazing...same setlist but their energy was through the roof!!!!!!! The crowd went bonkers and really gave the Goos some good responses! After the 50 minute Rock fest, we decided to take off....after such a great GOO performance we really didn't have a desire to stay for the Jovi show (No offense to Jovi...saw him in Albany the night before!) So, we went out on the town for a few Birthday was a blast of a day and night...... Thanks for another great time to all the fellow Goo fans we got to see again and thanks to Goo and Crew for EVERYTHING!