From: Jo

November 27, 1998
The Doubletree Ballroom
Boise, ID

The Goo Goo Dolls arrived in Boise on Wednesday night I beleieve, so they spent Thanksgiving here. They rented a house and had their holiday together. The concert was the day after Thanksgiving. I went with 8 other people and so we had to take 3 cars to get us all there.

I wasn't sure where the ballroom was in the Doubletree Hotel so I decided to go down with my friend Kitty Friday afternoon. We thought we had found the doors to the ballroom, but Kitty insisted on checking to make sure it was the right spot. There was a sign outside the doors that said there was a meeting in progress, but this didn't stop her. Kit opened the door and there was all of the crew guys setting up for the concert. We didn't go in to talk with them because I was afraid we would get in trouble. . . thinking about it now-we should have gone in!!! Why am I such a chicken? We might have run into someone.

When I got home I called everyone and made arrangements for a meeting place and what time to be there. Since the concert started at 8, we decided to meet there at 6. Two of my friends are very good at being late so I dropped off there tickets early. The rest of us where there on time and went to get in the already formed line. We met up with the late buds later, but before the concert.

We were sitting there in line when we started to hear something on other side of the wall. Inside the guys were warming up. I got so excited. Someone from inside the ballroom knocked on the door we were next to, I don't know who it was though. All of this and more kept us entertained as we waited to be let in.

At around 7:30 I think, they let us in. Cory , Ami, and I were really close to the stage, the rest of my buds were a little farther back because they got pushed. At first we had tons of room around us, the next thing I knew we were packed in like sardines.

The concert was supposed to start at 8, but Buffalo Tom finally came out at 8:20. They were pretty good, I had never heard them before this even though one of my best friends loves them. During a couple songs people jumped around and danced. Then the pushing started. It started from behind us and we got even more smooshed than we already were. Ami has had cancer in her foot so she has to be really careful about it. The pushing started to worry both of us. If is hadn't have been for Cory we wouldn't have got out of that section. We are both pretty little and we didn't stand a chance. Cory had to pull us out of there. This was all a miracle in disguise though! We got a even better spot! We were kind of off to the side but we could see really well and there was so much more room.

After Buffalo Tom finished we had an intermission. I met up with some of my buds again, they said they had went to the back after the pushing had started. Our concert was pretty small, there was only about 1000 people there so you could still see really well from the back.

Then the lights went out and the spot lights started up. All of the sudden they were there. They came out running around playing Dizzy and they were all in blue suits with yellow ties.

All about the blue suits: Well, the goos played at the Doubletree Riverside Hotel in Boise, yesterday. The concert was great. From reading reviews and seeing them on TV I was surprised to see the blue suits. I thought John would have leather pants or something regular. They never really explained the joke, but this is what my Buddies and I came up with. Usually in the Ballroom where they played the hotel hold weddings. I think it was a spoof on that. They also kept making comments like this one's for the bride and groom. Someone threw a piece of paper on the stage and John read it for us. It said something about please say congraduations or something to a girl and a guy. I can't remember there names. John said for the bride to come up on stage and let them take off her garder belt. That was a joke too. She didn't come up. There was one song where one guy that is not in the GGD's came on stage to play harmonica. They talked to him about wedding stuff like Congrats to the harmonica player for becoming a father in law. They were laughing though John said they had a really hard time finding 5 blue suits. It was great though, they guys looked great. By the third or fourth song john had striped to his undershirt (tank) (and he looked GOOD!) and Robby and Nathan still had on the white shirts that were underneath the blue suits. I couldn't see Mike or Dave(?) until I moved again. Anyway, another thing, Goos spent Thanksgiving here in Boise, they rented a house and cooked a thanksgiving meal, Chicken instead of turkey-that's what I heard anyway.

It was so awesome. I love the music, but it is a whole nother experience to see them right in front of you. They played right after another for about 3 songs. We were really amazed. I don't remember the order, but they played a lot! They started to play slide and everyone cheered. John smiled and said "Oh, you know this song!" He's such a cutie! People were jumping, dancing, there had even been some body surfing and moshing going on. All of the sudden right in the middle of Slide John stops and tells everyone in the band to stop too. He looks down near audience by the stage and says "Are you okay? No, are you sure you are okay?" to this girl. Then he says, "Big boys stop jumping on little girls and little girls if you see big boys coming your way move and let them hit the ground." That was really cool of him. They try to start up Slide again, but they forgot where. Then John said something like "I lost my fucking riff" Then they started again from the second verse.

Later on he told the name story. It was really funny. Some drunk guy kept saying Boise Idaho but not loud enough to interfer with the story. The concert was so great. I couldn't believe how long they played. They played Iris, which I love and then ran off the stage. Ami had to leave because her foot was in a lot of pain from the cancer since she had been standing so long on it. Then the Goo's came out for three or four more songs. After the second song I went back to find the rest of our group. They started to play this song I LOVE! It's called Hate This Place. It sounded so wonderful!

They guys were so great! They sound really good live and they are super cute!!! I love them even more now!

I bought I shirt and a sticker to put on my car after the concert. After we left we decided to go out. I kept running into people from the concert. Everybody loved it! If you get the chance GO SEE THE GOOS! THEY ARE AWESOME!