From: Jenn

Broom County Arena
Oct 25, 1999
Binghamton, NY

What an amazing show! I will try to remember everything I can!....

My friend and I got to Broome County Arena at about 5pm. The line seemed a little long, but after awhile it got a heck of a lot longer and it turned out we were in pretty good shape!! We got some free mp3 stuff while we were standin there for a couple hours like bubbles (we blew the bubbles during black balloon) and stickers and body wash samples. Yeah! =)

Anyway, they started letting people in finally, and we got some tshirts and stickers and went in to find our places!! The floor had gotten really crowded really quickly so we grabbed some awesome seats in the front row on the sides, really close!! They were very good seats!! I was especially happy because when I went to see them in August they were all about an inch tall! ANYWAY....

We caught about 4 mp3 bands before tonic came on, they were all really good. Then Tonic came on and they were totally awesome! They sang a lot of cool songs like "If you could only see" and "You Wanted More." The lead singer made us yell "F*CK YOU!!" at the top of our lungs, which was pretty funny. He also said that if he didnt have all the crap wired to him he would have jumped in the mosh pit because it looked fun and he gave props to the people that have stuck it out and stayed there the whole time! They put on a really good show!

Ok, on to the goos! Spectacular, of course!

These are the songs I remember them playing, not in any particular order...except I know they started with Dizzy and ended with 2 days in February (of course)....hmmm...Dizzy, Long Way Down, Naked, Bulletproof, Full Forever, Burnin Up, January Friend, Cuz You're Gone/1000 words (very cool), Name, Iris, 2nd Time around, Black Balloon, Acoustic #3, Broadway, Lazy Eye (to which he said, "This song is form the fourth batman movie...I think it was called Batman Sucks! I think Steve Guttenburg played batman..."), Flat Top, There you Are, Two Days in Feb....I could be missing some! But thats what I remember....

Johnny was wearing the grey tanktop with red writing on it, and black pants, and black and brown adidas sneakers i think...and a very thin gold or silver chain...Robby was wearing all black...I'm not sure what mike was wearing during the show but later he was wearing a hockey jersey I think.

In the beginning of the show john knocked the microphone over a couple times, and I'm not sure what was goin on but he kept signaling his guitar tech for something but nothing ever happened, so I dont know. A girl kept flashing him and he finally noticed during slide and he stopped and said "Woah!". Then he kept saying "woah" in the music like it was part of the song. It was pretty funny. He was hilarious the whole night!! He told the 'walk of shame' story...there was a guy in the audience that was his old drinking buddy from college in buffalo ("the greatest sity in dog lives in buffalo!) and he picked on him a lot...saying all they did was drink and take advantage of girls which led to the story. It was a lot funnier and longer than when I heard it before, with some different twists on it and stuff! Then he talked about how he wants a daughter some day, etc. and how he'll tell her to take guys back to HER room so that they're stuck with the walk of shame. When he said "You know what I'm going to tell her?" Some guy shouted "Use a condom!" And Johnny was like, "Yeah use a condom! Of COURSE use a condom! I forget what sex feels like without a condom!" He was very funny. And then he said, "It's no one's business who you f*ck! Well, except mine, if you want to tell me. I like listening to that stuff." And he told the lottery joke, and when a girl threw her bra up on the stage he said it was going to an organization called "bras across the world" where they donate bras to third world countries to women who can't afford a proper "titsling" and, would anyone else like to make a donation? And that he was going to go ahead and give it...."when I'm done with it that is." He seems to be good at working the audience, he had everyone cracking up!! At some point I know he started telling jokes about masturbation, and how if god had meant for us not to masturbate he would have made our arms "this long" (putting his elbows to his sides like his arms were really short). He forgot the words to one of the songs and was just like, "I forget the words to this part, so I'll just talk through it..."

But the guys all rocked, JOhnny and Robby's voices sounded great the whole time, Robby very narrowly escaped getting hit by a flying water bottle ("Don't throw things! it's not nice!")..NAthan was awesome during the Iris solo (well and the whole time)...Johnny also did the audience participation thing where he plays a chord and then the audience claps, which was funny! I think that is how flat top started (it's all a blur! ahh!)....and there was one song where they dropped the huge sparkly confetti which looked really cool. And of course after two days in feb. Johnny and Robby smashed their instruments on the stage and ran off!! =( it was an amazing show!!! I could not have been happier!The huge crowd was really in to it, which made it even more fun for me, and the band I'm sure! The guy from mp3 said that this was one of the biggest crowds they've had and the band said one of the best audiences! That always makes for a better show....

But wait! After the show we had some time before our cab came, so we walked one way around the arena and some guy told us to turn around=( so we went around the OTHER way and there was a tiny group of people standing there so we joined them. After a couple minutes Mike came out! We screamed fo him to come over and he did! He was so nice. SO nice. (and cute! ha!) He signed my t-shirt! I was so excited, I hadnt expected to meet any of them that night! I didnt really know what to say! I was just like, "You're awesome! Thankyou" or something incredibly stupid like that. Then nathan came out (cigarette in mouth) but he just waved and got on the bus and didn't come back out. Awhile after that, Robby came out! He is so awesome! He didn't come over to give autographs (at least not while I was there) but he gave us a huge funny smile and waved and we cheered and yelled for him! I waited until the very last minute before my cab came, but no one else came out. Oh well! I was incredibly happy to see most of them!! WOW! Now I have my tshirt signed by Mike! I am a happy girl!

If anyone else was at the show and was waiting back there at the buses, tell me if anyone else came over! And what you thought of the show! =) I can't wait to see them in buffalo!