From: Jeff

Broom County Arena
Oct 25, 1999
Binghamton, NY

Was at the GOO show in BINGO. I must say that the ARENA is downright LOUSY! Gross and Dirty.

Thought goos played GREAT. I find it interestting that young prebupesent girls feel that the need to FLASH there little titties to the band to be "Cool" Come on now. I couldn't beleive the amount of girls doing this. Sure, I am a guy and I won't lie....I like it when women do it. but not 12-13 yr olds. Grow up.

been a goo fan for over 9 years now. I used to watch them play at the local club in Rochester, NY my HOMETOWN. Saw them play the EMPTY CLUBS (Backstreets, Boogie Bar) and sadly nowa days they don't capture the excitement they used to present back in 1989-91' Don't get me wrong the goos are GREAT and I love them. I just wish I could go back to the days when I could hear Johnny play "James Dean" and other tunes like LUCKY STAR.

I have met the goo's several times. First was when my friends VERY popular (all most signed) band "Nerve Circus" opened for the goos in 95. I remember sitting in the dressing room and munching on the goo's food. On the RIDER ( a document bands print up for venues they play at. This doc says what THEY need in their dressing room. Goo's rider included: 4 Bottles of VIVIAN water. 6 Bottles of Fruitopia. 2 Cans of LIGHTLY salted PLANTERS peanuts. and others. U snacked on ONE can. Johnny came in and said "Dude, those are my peanuts man" ;-) he was kidding....

Second time was just after NAME broke. I interviewed them at my COLLEGE. Fredonia State (30 min outside of Buffalo) I talked with Mike and Robby for about 25 minutes. They were funny and GREAT!. Robby gave me a "nuh-gie" I have all of this footage on HI-8 VIDEO :-) and I also have them soundchecking "FALL DOWN" NAME" "NAKED" "GIRL RIGHT NEXT TO ME" All in 1995.

I am goo fan people. Take my review as you please.

Tonic: Hats off to them. They seemed to CARE and the music showed. They opened with "Open Up your eyes" Of course the AMERICAN PIE song and they ended with what the lead singer called " A POP song" "If you could onlyy see"


Stage time: 9:30 with blue strobes confusing you so that Goos could hit stage. Opened with DIZZY.

Highlights included: Just way you are, Cuz your gone, naked, 2 Day in Feb (which 85% of people didn't know along with Just the way you are)

Johnny did all of the antics about SEX and wearing condoms. Again, he saw little titties ALL night. The crowd surfing is so stupid. Almost all of the floor crowd wanted to surf. I saw 5 people walk away crying (all girls) one had blood on her face. Some think it's FUN and "COOL" to do this but it's anoying to the fans. I couldn't concentrate on the goo's, rather I had to watch ASSHOLE 5 foot 9 with BOOTS on to make sure he didn't plaster and break my girlfriends NOSE. One kick on your done. ONe girl walks out and says.( cyring ) he felt me up, he squeezed my boob and tried to pull my pants off. Well, guess what. That's what happens. Just like JOhnny says,,,, "Guys suck" I admit it.

All in all it was a good show, not like the old days but it was good.

Off to Buffalo SHow.