From: Nichole

Broom County Arena
Oct 25, 1999
Binghamton, NY

Lastnight I went to the goo concert in Binghamton, NY. The show was really good!!! The day of the concert I found out Greg from school had backstage passes and he doesn't like the goos so I told him I would pay him anything for them..he said no.. So he told me today he met the lead singer and he didn't even know what his name was!!! Well, needless to say he didn't get my vote for class president think he would bother getting me and autograph? No!!! OK, well we got there about 4:30 and put our friends Emily and Nicole in like while Beth and I went to check out the bus. We saw Nate riding his bike and he stopped to sign our CD. We saw Robby come out to the bus but the giards wouldnt tell them that we were there, after we asked him to. That's when we met Larry, Johnny's friend he didn't have any passes left so we gave him a poster I mad with messages on the back for them, and I hope they got it! So after Robby went back into the arena, we went in. After the third band, I had gotten hit in the head twice by people boy surfing and had things thrown at me, so I got out of there and ended up right next to the speakers... So now I cant hear today. But it was worth it!!! The goos came on about 30 minutes after Tonic and they opened with Dizzy, Johnny was having things thrown at him including bras, wallets, and plastic bottles he also got nailed in the back with my wooden beaded bracelet! I AM SO SORRY JOHNNY!!! Now I know he got it though. Johnny came over the the side of the stage and let me get some good pics of him!! I also got some pictures of Robby and Nate. I wasn't able to see Mike or Dave from where I was which sucks!! Johnny read one sign that said "Our 3rd goo show" he smiled and held out three fingers. A lot of people left their seats, not know there was an encore! It was awesome!! After the concert I found two women listening to Nate backstage behind a curtain I opened it and said hi. He didn't hear me. But I got yelled at so I had to put it down and that is when I left. This is the first goo show that I actually met someone!!! I just wish I met everyone else too, but meeting Nathan was cool.