From: [email protected]

CPR Fall Ball
October 29, 1998
Biloxi, MI

The concert started late, opening with Athenaeum then Brother Cane.  After
they were done the CPR DJ's asked the crowd who was next.  An enthusiastic
scream rang out, "GOO GOO DOLLS!!''  They came out to cheers and opened with
"Dizzy."  They played "Longway Down," "Black Balloon," "Bullet Proof," "Lazy
Eye," "Naked," "Iris," "Broadway," and "Burning Up" among others.  Johnny
explained how he wrote "Name" and how he felt when it became so popular.
Johnny and Nathan were definitely the stars of the show.  They often threw
their guitar picks into the crowd.
Johnny stopped several times, the most memorable when in the middle of "Lazy
Eye" a fight broke out and Johnny stopped singing and yelled out: "You wanna
be tough guys... join the f---ing army!"  He had lots of humor and energy,
dancing around the stage.  He often talked to the crowd casually and joked
around a lot.  Everyone in the crowd was enjoying it.
I was about six feet at the most away from the stage.  Even after two and a
half hours up there they still seemed full of energy and ready to play another
two hours.  They left the stage for a moment and the crowd seemed to think it
was over.  Then they came back out and played some more.  They finished just
by themselves, the three of them.  Despite how late it was everyone was wide
awake in anticipation of the next song.
The keyboard added a lot of great stuff to the songs.  Nathan was great also.
The songs were energetic and full of feeling and really rocked!!!  You could
see what a great time everyone was having.  They also had a traveling
harmonica player for "Broadway."  
They ended it about midnight.  They said good night and thanked everyone for
being there.  Many people in the crowd screamed out to Johnny to break his
guitar and he obliged by slamming it to the ground.  This was the best concert
I have ever been to and can't wait till the next one!!!