From: Kyi

April 3, 1999
Ft. Gordon
Augusta, GA

I went to the Ft. Gordon show last week, and they rocked. I've been a fan for a long time now, but this was only my 2nd concert. I live right outside Atlanta, but my husband and I drove a couple of hours to see them. It was an outside festival, so the sound just flew to the evening sky. It was a beautiful night with a full moon. The New Radicals opened up, and they were pretty good. Being the Radical he is, Gregg Alexander went on a political footstand and talked about Kosovo (of course, we were on an army base). FINALLY, the Goos came on. They went through the normal but awesome song lineup. Both John and Robby sounded incredible. The guys seemed amazed at the huge crowd, esp. for what they thought was such a small town. John said thanks for making tonight so special for us. That changed later. John stopped the show in the middle because people in the crowd were throwing things at them on stage. This really pissed him off. He said "Please stop throwing shit at us. This so is 1992. This shit was so 10 years ago. I don't want something to knock me in the side of my $(#$*#($ head." People seemed to ignore his words, but stopped throwing things on stage, and just threw shit around the crowd. So finally he said "#($# it, take it away Mike." I was so embarrassed to be a part of this crowd at this point. But they played on and jammed to some old and newer tunes and began having a good time. Before the show I was fortunate enough to meet the guys briefly while the New Radicals were playing. I got a few pictures. John (boy, I couldn't say a word in his presence but he held my hand for a few seconds as he walked by and smiled and waved alot), Mike (who's the greatest and signed my CD sleeve and talked a bit), and Nathan and Dave (these two are incredibly funny and I talked to them a little bit). I seemed to be the only true fan in the area I sat (one who knew who everyone in band was other than just John and words to songs and stuff about the band and appreciating the quality of their music). Mike seemed to appreciate that. Robby was walking around with no shoes on and cup in hand. Go figure! But it was fun to watch him just smile away about nothing in particular. I was upset that the band wasn't appreciated for their music by "fans" just John's sex appeal. Someone said you must really like them cause you know so much, I said yeah, they're the greatest!. One of their tour/road managers talked to me a bit, and was making sure I was having a good time. I said, of course! After the show the guys took off quickly. I was kind of sad, but lucky enough to have had the experience I did. I love these guys and can't wait to see them again in Atlanta with my mom in tote. She's young at heart, and loves the song Iris. Thanks for a great night GUYS! Even my husband enjoyed himself, and in his intoxicated state of mind yelled "I LOVE YOU GUYS!" fifty million times on my behalf. He suffers my love for the band.