From: Nicole

February 22, 1999
Auckland, NZ

The Goo's concert was 2 days ago and i'm still FULLY hyper about it! It was AMAZING! They played in this really kewl venue called the powerstation which only holds about 1000 ppl so it was completely packed out! They opened with Dizzy which made me completely go mental because its one of my faaaaavourite songs but i couldn't see much cos i was 5m back from the stage and there were all these tall ppl in front of me! I actually managed to crowdsurf (!-a new experience for me :) to the front during Lazy Eye and the mosh pit was AWESOME! but when the security guard was about to make go all the way back round i managed to make him let me stay right UP FRONT in the opening of the barrier!! :) So i had the BEST view!! :) About 6 songs into the set, john decided to 'introduce' the band..which turned in to a kinda fashion show with Mike standing up on his chair and swinging off the disco ball hanging off the roof and Robby being described as 'the casual yet primitive one' heheheh I was actually surprised that there were so many 'real' fans there who knew all the words and were fully getting into it instead of just being there for Iris! :) They played for nearly 2 hours and most of the songs were off Dizzy and ABNG ( but they didn't play amigone!!) AND during January Friend, i was looking @ John and jumping round and singing and he fully smiled me and gave me a huge wave and after the song he THREW me his PICK!!! :):) hehehe ( it hangs on a chain round my neck now!) hehehe I really went nuts after that :) They played Iris last ( which sounded amazingly beautiful :) and came back on a few minutes later for an encore and at the end of it, John pulled this 12 year old boy outta the crowd and GAVE HIM HIS GUITAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!