From: V
May 30, 1999
Asbury Park, NJ

Last night was the best night of my whole entire life!!! When I got to Asbury Park, I got in line with Jamie. I looked around for Andrea and Carrie, but I couldnt find them. We got inside, and the sercurity made us sit down.

I didn't because there was no room! Andrea was in front of me along with some of her friends. I met Carrie. I only talked to her for like five minutes though. Fastball came on. They played for like 45 minutes. They sounded great! Really cool. The techs took an eternity to set up for GGD. By the way, I was one person behind the barigade. I was that close!! I could touch the barigade!!! David came out and played somewhat of Goth type music.

Mike came out. Then the rest of them came on they came out with Dizzy of course. I threw my note up on stage. During the part of Dizzy where its an instumental Robby put on my necklace!!! Then I saw he had on my other one from the last concert! They got my other note!!!!! After Dizzy Kim, Jamie, and I held up a flourecent sign. Johnny leaned over the stage to grab it. He looked at it and said, "Does it have a phone number on it?" He gave it back and we put our number on it and threw it on stage. I lost my bra too. It was right by his foot. We were exactly in front of him. It was sooo cool!

Next was Long Way Down. Then Lazyeye, and Slide. Then was Fallin' Down. Johnny looked at me and said "Someone knows the lyrics." Then Full Forver, January Friend, and Black Balloon. During BB me, Kim, and Jamie blew bubbles. Johnny ate 2 of mine, and 2 of Jamies. Johnny said, "God this tastes like shit." Next was Bullet Proof. During Another Second Time Around Johnny fell. I dunno if it was on purpose or not. He got up and started rockin' though. Next was Flat Top, Just the Way You Are, Burnin' Up, Iris, Hate This Place, and finally 2 Days in February. When Johnny was intorducing the band he said, "This guy was in an elevator last ngiht and ate a girls cake. He is David Shults" When he introduced Mike he said, "This guy has been putting up with my put downs for 5 years. He is the best girl drummer I know. (Laughs) Well, the best drummer on this stage anyway. He is Mike Malinin."

During Name Johnny forgot the words to the song. He said, "Shit, I forgot the fuckin words." When the concert was over John threw his guitar against the backdrop, and a microphone with its stand. He also threw around Mike's drums. Robby was hanging and swinging on the backdrop. It was cute and funny. After the concert Kim, Jamie, and I waited outside the tour bus. Accross the street was 2 Fastball dudes outside their tour bus. I met both of them. I got them to sign my pants and got a pic with them!!! Later I saw Nathan December and got him to sign my pants too. I asked if I could get a pic with him and he said, "Sure, but I always turn out looking like I'm dead." He was really nice. I saw him later and told him I had his guitar pick. He said, "What number does it have on the back." I said 12. He said cool.

Then this tour manager dude came over and said (no lie!), "Sir, your goats milk bath is ready." He was serious too! No wonder he looks so dead all the time! LoL! We waited outside still. (Oh yeah. Johnny was wearin his tan adidas shorts, and a gray tank that had a science sign on it. I forget what it means. He also wore this hat that was like any other type of hat. It looked mad cute though! I forget what they are called. Robby wore his black kinda see through shirt, and black pants. Nathan was wear a black jersey type shirt with the number 12 on it. I guess its his lucky number.

Mike was wearing a white shirt and jeans I believe. And Dave was in all black I think) When Jamie and I walk over we saw Johnny now in a cowboy hat, and Dave. Then secrurity told us to go away before we got the chance to go get a pic with him. Andrea told me this morning that she met Mike and he was wearing my necklace. She said, "I know the girl who made that." Mike said, "Really? I love it! I'm going to wear it all the time!" I was soo happy! And thats my concert review. A very Goo happy person, V

Thanx Alex!