Appleton, WI - Fox Cities Performing Arts Center
August 19, 2003
From: goosympathy

It was awesome! Super-tiny venue (maybe 1500 capacity or so), but it was pretty packed - looked like it was sold out. I really liked Kory & the Fireflies - excited that they're opening at Rockford, too! And, of coure, the Goo show rocked! I believe it was the same setlist as the IA and IL state fairs, but I didn't write it down so I can't be sure. They did have the same encore, though - as John said, "We forgot to play a few songs." And tons of people threw stuff on stage for the band! A fancy lacy pair of red underpants that John put on his head (and then said "oh my god - I just put a stranger's underpants on my head") and a cool peace sign necklace (that John wore for one song and said it was very "Ozzy") and a few bras, of course. Someone also threw a red shirt up there that said something about how to get chicks - 1) earn a lot of money, 2) become a rock star, or 3) something to do with being a chick magnet. Looked like a funny shirt. Other than talking about the cool stuff thrown on stage (and yelling at the stage hand who tried to clean the stuff off the stage and grabbing his "Christmas" presents back - pretty hilarious), there wasn't too much conversation. I believe the show was actually only a little over 1 hour 20 minutes. It was also a really, really loud venue - my ears are still ringing pretty badly like 3 hours later - oh, well! Security was also being really, really strict with cameras. I was in the first row of the balcony, so I didn't even bother to sneak my camera in, but they were taking people out of the floor if they had cameras (I think they let them come back in - wasn't paying that much attention). I also noticed a much stricter policy at the state fairs, so might wanna watch out for that! But it was a great show! Can't wait for Rockford!