Appleton, WI - Fox Cities Performing Arts Center
August 19, 2003
From: DreamawayGoo, Melliegoo

I was also there at the show last night. It totally ROCKED! I brought my 6 yr. old daughter who is a hard core Goo fan also. This was her first concert. She wore her Spongebob Rock Star shirt. She LOVED the show! As soon as the guys came out she got this huge smile on her face and started pointing on the stage saying "Mom, Mom, look!!" We were 6 rows back, right in front of Robby. I held her up on my hip the whole time the Goos were on so she could see better. My arms are so sore today! LOL Anything for the love of Goo! It was awesome to hear Cuz You're Gone with 1000 Words, We Are The Normal, and Burnin' Up! I sang every song, my throat is sore today and my ears are still ringing, but totally worth it. It wouldn't be a rock show without some ringing in the ears. LOL I thought the guys were in an awesome mood. Robby said he had a great time hanging out in Appleton the night before. And like someone else said, John commented on how he could see himself moving here. That was cool. The whole show was right on! The guys sounded awesome, John's voice was so clear and strong. He sounded really good. Robby was his usual smiling self, running around stage and making goofy faces to the crowd. Gotta luv Robby! After the show on the way home, we saw the opening band Kory and the Fireflies and all of them signed my friend's cds she bought. They were all VERY super nice, and they were almost surprised someone recognized them and wanted their autographs! LOL They told us where they were from, asked if we've been to a Goo show before, and they all loved my daughter's Spongebob Rock Star shirt. The bass player does a good Spongebob was too cute. I didn't buy their cd, but they all signed my ticket to the show. If anyone has the chance to see them, you should. Their music reminds me of the Bodeans, and the lead singer sounds EXACTLY like the lead singer from Live. We told him that and he thought that was a pretty big compliment!

Hello, I was at the show last nite, too. My 3rd GOO-ganza in 6 months! I thought the venue was quite fancy...a/c n' all. I could have done without the "camera police" though! The guy at the door told me I could bring it in if I didn't use the flash. So, on pic #21 of #24, security walked up to me and said "you can't use that here." I told them I was told at the door "only without the flash" (which I obliged). So that was the end of that! The show was glad they played a few older tunes. I was a bit irritated that the t-shirt I wanted came in a LG YOUTH only. What is up with that Can't we make ALL the shirts in ALL sizes? Anyway, I am still trying to recover, just wanted to post my thoughts! Ooops! I forgot to comment about Mike and the pic thing. That is SO cool! I met him (& Robby) back in '99...he is such a sweetie; very polite and quiet. When I met John in Madison in March, I was told to come back for photos, too. (he didn't want his pic taken in the restaurant...which I understand) but my friend decided she didn't want to go, and I didn't want to go alone. Believe me, I am STILL kickin' myself! I guess the autograph will have to do for now. I WILL get a pix someday!