Appleton, WI - Fox Cities Performing Arts Center
August 19, 2003
From: Nicki, johnnyisgod

I was in row H on the floor(about 8th row on robbie's side), great show!!! i am agreeing with what goosympathy said. they did play cuz your gone with 1000 words. that was my first time hearing the song and i love it. where can i get that song with 1000 words in it? i had a camera and the only thing that happened was when i walked in, they checked my bag, saw the camera, and said as long as it wasn't digital and that i did not use my flash.(there was no need to use it anyway) their set did seem really short compared to in the past. i didn't see the tote or the new posters for sale either. but i did have a GOO sighting, but i am kicking myself in the ass a little for not doing anything. we were walking towords the venue, we went past the back/side(it kinda looked like where busses should park, but there was nothing there) and there was only a security guard standing there. all of the sudden i see some one come out just as we were approaching that part of the building. it was ROBBIE!!! i know and i could tell, we made eye contact. i didn't want to scream"hi robbie", because i didn't want to cause a whole swarm of people to come over. i should have waved, but i didn't. i think that i made the right decision because Robbie was on his own time, and that wouldn't have been right. the venue was small, very intimate, it seemed like i was closer than 8 rows back. it kicked ass all the way through, and the guys looked like they were kind of tipsey(if ya know what i mean) did anyone else see this? they look a lot more relaxed this time around. also, John said that he could see himself moving to appleton or a place like it. he said if he moved here he could kick back and relax on the porch( it sounded like he made a beer can opening noise) everyone started screaming when he said that. this was their first time in appleton, wi and it seems like they had a great time. this is the end of my post. hope to ya some of ya in atlanta. p.s. you could tell who all the hard core fans were last night because when they played naked and burnin up, and most of robbie's songs, no one knew the words except for the hard core fans. i am sooo glad that they opened w/ naked, one of my many fav. songs.

i totally have to agree w/you that it was awesome!! it's my fave goo concert to date!! i couldn't believe they did we are the normal and cuz you're gone/a thousand words.. those are my faves!!! the band looked amazing... john looked so happy and mike and robby were rockin' it! it was a weird venue to have a rock concert at (although i agree it was very intimate, which i loved) and the people there need to ease up a little IT'S A CONCERT NOT A BROADWAY SHOW! they were taking cameras away and stuff.. that's just dumb. my fave part of the day overall would be meeting robby and mike at the hotel before. that was awesome, and totally random! my friend and i were walking down the street and mike was on the corner heading to probably go eat or something but we stopped him and he signed our gutterflower cd jackets and attempted to take a pic with us but our camera wouldn't work! he told us not to worry but he'd be back in an hour and we should meet him there and he'll take a pic w/us we went on w/walking around appleton and decided to go back to the hotel to see if mike was there. he was and he took a pic w/us.. then robby walked out and stopped and signed autographs for a few fans and took pix. they were both so nice! we didn't get to meet john because for some odd reason he was riding in a rider truck (one of those trucks like a u-haul truck) from green bay... i thought that was kinda random, but it's all good there's always next time!