Annaheim, CA
The Arrowhead Pond
From: little goo


I don't know what to say. We two little Aussies made it to the States! Staples Centre in LA was personally a horrendous day for me. Everything that could go wrong did. Goo-wise - missed the boys by seconds at the venue, had unbelievably shitty seats and evil security people who wouldn't let us hold up my banner. Goos of course rocked - though no Robby which was a bit worrying.

Thursday at Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim - possibly the moment of my life. Only Mike came by bus, Johnny drove. So quick wave and chat to their bus driver who kept eyeing off my Goo outfit in the sea of Bon Jovi gear. We had 5th row seats and made it easily up front centre for Goo. No Robby again he was "home sick" The show was GREAT!!! I don't know if it was just because we were up front, but I swear the crowd were really responsive and at one point John's just standing there looking out and a bit amazed as the cheering and screaming went on and on.

Had managed to sneak the banner in and we decided to give it a go thinking security would snatch it quick - instead they came over and helped arrange it!!!!!!! John watched curiously as we unfolded it - it was pretty big and said "From Australia for Goo". He gave a huge smile and thumbs up. We then turned it around to the other side where I had "Thanks for the GOO magic". Another huge smile.

A few more songs were played, including There You Are which was a welcome surprise, no Broadway that night though. I was the happiest person in that stadium that night I swear and then.... "And this is for our friends from Australia who came all the way here to see us tonight", a smile and wave to us and Iris started!

I so nearly died. I shook so much I couldn't hold the camera still. I'm still in shock. Am at a crappy internet place, so haven't had chance to catch up on all other news. Tried to get into the STAR gig in LA, the DJ's were great, but I couldn't manage to get past the promotions big wigs. Never mind. We decided to ditch our plans for a couple of days and head to San Jose... and here we are.