From: Sabina

June 30, 1999
Place Melkweg
Amsterdam, Holland

I just got back from De Melkweg in Amsterdam where the Goo Goo Dolls were giving me just what I needed..... I got to be honoust to tell you that I did't know them until a few months ago (my friend Giso introduced me to their music). Their lyrics and music are so great, I really couldn't understand why we in Holland had to wait so long before we got to know them. Anyway, things are a bit screwed up now in my private life, and I needed to give my mind a break. Well, I had a hell of a break tonight!!!

I think they are a so no-nonsense band and you can see they love to perform, all of them. It wasn't such a big crowd (about 1000 people) and I was standing right in front of the stage. Some people were "stage-diving" and it made them laugh. I didn't laugh though, 'cause the people that were stage-diving (accidentaly) kicked other people of the crowd on the head, and that pissed me off. And I told that to some of the guys. Then they played my favourite song: BROADWAY.

The next thing I knew was that those guys picked me up and lifted me on stage. And there I was, standing right next to John!! The first thing that was on my mind while standing there, was to lift up my pants so those other 999 people (and the band) wouldn't see my belly, LOL!!! And then I thought....well...I might never get this chance again....should I do it or not....and then I did...(I asked him first though)...kiss John on his cheek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The crowd screemed and clapped their hands and I was so glad I didn't let that chance slip away! I really can say this from the bottom of my heart, they gave me just what I needed at this moment. Thanks Dolls, for the great performance, fantastic lyrics and for beeing so down to earth....THANKS!!!