From: Chris

The Great Allentown Fair
Aug 30, 1996
Allentown, PA

Hi all,
I went to the Allentown show last night, and got to spend a couple of hours
after the show with the band and their crew.  I was with some friends from
Philly and Mr.Ed (of WZZO in Allentown, formerly with 103.3 The Fox in
Buffalo, long-time Goo friend).   I'd like to first clear up some rumors, etc
concerning various thing with the Goos, so here goes...There are 5 singles
from ABNY (in order...Only One, Flat Top, Name, Naked, Long Way Down) and the
will not be a new one from this album...Johnny says he can't afford to cut
another video.  The Goos will be touring sporaticly through November, mostly
colleges, then vacation time!  A new album is in the works, but don't expect
it until mid-1997.  The Goos will stay with the Metal Blade/Warner Bros.
label "as long as they push the material" (J.R.)  Johnny wasn't sick last
night, the cup of 'hot stuff' he had onstage was plain old hot water, for his
voice.  He cut his hair because he felt like it, and Robby cut and frosted
his for the same reason.  They don't call Mike "Jennifer" any longer, but
instead just GOOfy stuff that begins with "M".  The whole band and the crew
are all very tired now after being on the road for about 18 months, but they
seem to be finding ways to muster the energy for the shows. Goos on Conan
Sept 4th...
Last night was a good show, but no way should they be limited to a short set
opening for someone else, anyone else!   They played 14 songs total (in no
particular order, Million Miles Away, We Are the Normal, Falling Down, Lang
Way Down, Burning Up, Naked, Flat Top, Impersonality, Name, Only One,
Somethin' Bad, Eyes Wide Open, Disconnected and Slave Girl.  The kids out
front were moshin up a storm and crowd surfing...everyone was having a great
time and security was pretty cool about it unless someone got too close to
the pit.  The weather was great, perfect concert weather, unusally cool and
dry for this part of the country in August.  The crowd was a good mix of
older fans and teenagers, which is nice to guess about 3500 or 4000
people.  The goos were enjoying themselves, a lot of big smiles!  Robby
played in socks only, although he came onstage wearing shoes, which he
promptly heaved at Peter, the long-time Goo roadie (bass and drum tech) and
former co-worker of mine at the good old Darien Lake Amphitheatre.  They
sounded great, but Johnny started one of the songs wrong which was actually
pretty funny because Robby and Mike continued playing and looking at each
other with this look of 'What next?' until Johnny caught on.  
I didn't pay much attention to the Gin Blossoms, not because I don't like
them, but because I was busy.  They sounded great and seemed to play
tight...but I have no frame of reference to judge them because I haven't seen
them before and I'm not entirely familiar with thier material except what I
hear on the radio.  The crowd that remained for them seemed to enjoy it