Albany, NY - Pepsi Arena
March 3, 2003

From: Dances With Goo & GiTG

Okay.. .Albany...f-f-f-freezing c-c-cold up there. After a lovely 3-hour drive, we arrive at the Pepsi Arena. On the way, we encountered a lighted highway know the ones that usually indicate a traffic problem up ahead. Well, this one said: "Smile...It'll make people wonder what you're thinking". (Sounds like something Robby would say, doesn't it?) Anyhow, after a long techno-sounding intro-thingy the lights go down, and BAM! Goo's on-stage!! We were sitting up on the side this time, about 20 rows back...nice view though. We could see the "Yeah Girls" down below in the floor section waving their pink "Yeah" signs, and John giving them a smile of recognition. The setlist was the same as it's been for the Goo/Jovi tour. John is talking a bit more, usually about that "nice" little girl featured on the Gutterflower backdrop for the stage. You guys know the stories...she kicked John in the nuts & threw spaghetti all over the place during the GF photoshoot...yeah, THAT nice little girl! From where I was sitting, it was WAY different than being down on the floor section. I missed the eye contact & interaction with the band. John used Bon Jovi's catwalks a bit to run up toward the side sections now & then. It was quick, but when he did it, we had the opportunity to wave & show our support. Robby even ventured up the catwalk with John once. We were able to see Mike in full action; I've never seen him from the side as he drums, so it was very cool to watch him use the foot pedals & such. Man! He gets so much exercise drumming, it's a wonder he has the energy for running as well! Have you ever really watched Robby when he does the "shaker" thing during "Sympathy"? I never realized the shaker is hooked up to a wire & mic...I guess it would have to be, duh, silly me! I always wondered what the heck he was doing toward the end of the song, where it looked to me like he was crawling under the keyboards doing...well...I never knew. But last night I could see that when he crawls under there, he is hitting an effects pedal that makes the low, droning sound we all hear during the intro to "Iris"...mystery solved...and I thought he was just being silly! John sounded great. The songs all went well. My only complaint about the show was that Robby's mic made him sound muffled. When you sit up close to the stage you can hear him fine, but farther away, if he speaks, you cannot define the words, and during his vocals...they sound fine when he sings backup, but are muddy when he sings his solos. ROADIES!! It's not a problem for the GOO fan who knows the words to all the songs, but the other folks can't make out what he's singing about...unless they listen to a GOO fan singing along! (God help them!!) The folks on the floor were standing up during the Goos' performance...on the side I felt inhibited, since most folks remained sitting. But the band did get a good response.