From: Katie

MAy 11, 1999
Palace Theatre
Albany, NY

I reacently went to the Goo Goo Dolls May 11th concert at the Palace Theater in Albany. It was the best expierience of my entire life. First Frogpond came out, and then Fastball. I was so excited i didn't even concentrate on the opening bands. When the Goo Goo Dolls came out the lights were flashing. John and Mike ran out, and robby got pushed on in an office chair. Johnny was wearing a white tank top, addidas pants, and a green ski cap, Robby was in all black with a cast and Mike was in Shorts and a blue shirt. They started off playing Dizzy followed by Long Way Down. Then John got to talking.

" We went to a concert last night and it looked like everyone there got there ass whooped with an ugly stick. But you people are nice."

The band played some more and i was totally going crazy and screaming. The people in front of me must have been pissed.

Then Johnny got talking again.

" Well you all know what song is next." (plays a little of name) " People always ask me now that you have a hit song whats changed. Living in a mansion... going out with a playboy bunnie, and i say well...i bought a furnace." (laughs) " Now all my little nieces and nephews all come up to me and say do you know the Backstreet Boys. I'm like oh man. I use the dollar treatment, here kid heres a dollar get outta here." (Reaches into his pocket and pretends to give a kid a dollar) "I'm not trying to dis the backstreetboys...even though they suck. Oh great now i'm gonna have them try to kick my ass. It'll be the first time i get my ass kicked choreographed style. It'll be like Westside Story all over my face. But that's ok. I'm gonna shut up now." (crowd Screams) " I don't think you supposed to scream there. Just for that were not playing Iris. No i'm just kidding."

(plays Name)

After some more toatally awesome performances, including where robby jumped off his chair and was playing on the floor as john walked over him. (he didn't actually step on him) John got talking yet again.

"Hey should i take off my hat."

(crowd screams)( He takes it off and fixes his hair and the crowd is going toatally nuts) "let's try this again"

(Puts the hat back on, and then taks it off. The crowd screams again)

He does this once more, and they Robby says" Imagine if you took off your pants." John then replied," There's seats too far back. They'd need opera glasses to see anything" ( i for one screamed after he said that, as well as everyone else there)

They played a bunch more songs, all of which i loved, and i almost lost my voice i was screaming so much.

The last song they played, of couse was Iris.

When they came out for the encore they made the audience play a game. I enjoyed it. Anything for the Goo Goo Dolls.

Johnny,"were gonna play a little game now. i'm gonna go like this" (plays a note) and your gonna clap. Robby will show you how. It's called Audience participation"

(he plays slow at first and then Faster)

They played two more songs after this. When it was over they thanked everyone and left.

Needless to say the concert was fantastic. They were great performers and very funny. I'll never forget that day as long as I live. Anyone who is a Goo fan has to see them perform. They're incredible.