Albany, NY - Pepsi Arena
March 3, 2003

From: Candice

....I am so freakin lucky... I cant get over this...ok so here it is... I went tonight to Pepsi Arena with VERY bad before the show I decided to take a stroll in to the box office. I went up and asked them if they had better seats available (I was so depressed of my crappy seats...I was just going to buy better seats again) she said they really didnt have anything open anymore...THEN out of nowhere seats opened up close to the stage!! woo hoo ....and she was also going to take my bad seats in exchange and I only had 2 pay the difference of $20!! ...This i could not believe....THANK U PEPSI ARENA TICKET LADY so after I got my new tickets I was very happy...I went in the venue as soon as the doors opened. I was talking to Damage, I always do...idk he's funny. I went and stood right by the area where they walk out on stage and I saw all 3 goo's waiting there so ofcourse I start screaming my head off. The show was so amazing as you all already know. I kept calling all my goo friends during the show so they could hear goo...(Kristen I called u!!)..they played for and hour i think. Then no offense to bon jovi fans, but after like 45 min of them I got really bored...not only that but all the fans in my section were either VERY drunk or bitches so I kept getting in fights with them and did not want to be there any more...So we left. So we left the show and ofcourse I drag my friend Brian over to the tour buses before we go get the car ..hehe it was so so so COLD...and we both were getting sick from the bus fumes but it was all for the goo goo dolls man!! lol we waited about 20-30 min and then I see Robby run on the there went that ...but I still had my hopes up for the other guys. we waited some more...and then Greg, Jason and Mike came out by themselves.... they came right over to me and I got a picture with them surrounding me...what a LUCKY girl I am!! ...Mike said "Its so damn cold out here!" jason said some stuff too but i cant remember then mike (sec) and some woman put all of their luggage on the bus...and I was getting ready to leave bc i thought John was already on..BUT THANK THE LORD I WAITED...ahhh I saw him walking out( he was inside and it was all windows) and seriously it was like a movie...we just were staring at eachother through the glass...Brian kept saying "Is that HIM?!" but I couldnt talk... and he came out walked right over and I asked for a picture and he said "OFCOURSE!" so he gets all close to me and are cheeks are pressing and he is squeezing me prob bc its so damn cold! and then im like so scared to say this to him but I do.... im like "ahh Johnny I have somethting to show u...U have to see it"...(I'm talking about my tattoo..he signed me on my under wear line and I got it tattooed Roseland in november)..anyways Im like ripping my jacket off and he goes "Oh please darling dont show me your breasts right now..." ( like WHAT?! ) im like "no no thats not it..." so bc of where my tattoo is i have to unbutton my pants and pull down my panties...(weird to be doing that on the st in albany to johnny lol but what the hell!) and I tell him about it and he just stared at my tattoo and i was getting all scared that he would hate it... ...but he said "That is so fucking cool...seriously WOW...THANK U SO MUCH"... this is me----> like "thank me- NO THANK U!" can u even imagine??! Im still in shock...he hugged n kissed me and we said good bye (Mike was like -"I gotta get him on the bus b4 he gets a cold"...AWW)...but it was the best night of my life...I cant believe it...the whole car ride home im like "did that just happen to me?"...who gets to have a cool tattoo...which Johnny was fascinated with! them after the show (me and my friend were the only fans there) and also get better seats!!?? ...pinch me I must be dreaming....