From: Deb

May 15, 1999
Trump Marina
Atlantic City, NJ

Pictures at bottom...

Heres my review of the show last night! Three times a charm!

This was my 3rd(and definetly not my last!) Goo Goo Dolls show. They played in Atlantic City at the Trump Marina to a sold out crowd of 1,000. Standing room only and there I was, right upfront where I wanted to be!!!! I was right infront of Johnny this time and the show was sooooo awesome! Johnny voice sounded wonderful! Robby had a leg brace on the kept him from bending his knee, but it did not stop him from rockin' the night away!!!! It was so nice after reading about all their problems to be able to see them again myself and see that they are managing nicely. It was like seeing old friends again!!!!

I had made a banner that read "Johnny, everything you are falls from the sky like a star". It had moons and stars painted all over it and it looked so cool. Johnny loved it and during Dizzy, he saw it and said to me "Thanks I forgot the words!" It was really adorable! He smiled at me alot during the show and laughed at me for freaking out so much during Just The Way You Are! I think he was happy too to see someone who knew all their songs. After all the old Goo is just as great as the new Goo! The crowd was pretty calm, no fights or anything stupid like that! Johnny wore his white "wifebeater" (who made up that term anyhow??), black Adias pants again and sneaks. Robby had on a really cool black shirt and jeans.. Mike had on a silver shirt and shorts.

They rocked the house with each and every song. It was all over so quick and there is nothing else in the whole world like a Goo show. It makes you feel like you are in heaven and that nothing else in the world matters. The music, the smiles and stolen little moments we shared are something that I will treasure forever!!!!! My next show is Tuesday so until then- take care!


Deb's Pictures from the Show!