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99X's Big Day Out
Sep 12, 1998
Conyers, GA

The crowd even chanted "Goo Goo Dolls" before they came out... 

Johnny was doing the tank top thing again, while Robby and Nathan looked to be dressed
in black. Mike looked to have a plain white tee shirt on.

I was watching via the net, and they did give considerable camera time to Mike and
Nathan, which was quite cool. Mike just kicks ass on the drums all over the place! Heck,
we even got to see shots of Dave (the touring keyboardist)!

Johnny sounded quite good, the tune-ups I've seen have all sounded good.

The fourth song they did was Lazy Eye. This song sounded "creepy" before, but with the
keyboard added in, it's just incredible! Big props to Dave! Also, Dave has a mike... I'm
not sure what songs he is singing on, but he is doing some backing vocals this tour.
Also, for anyone concerned about the Goo's adding a keyboard, it really brought a lot out
of the songs. Sounded great on Slide (as well as Lazy Eye). Although on the single it sounds like Johnny sings backup to himself, Robby and someone else did it live.

The sixth song they did was slower song... more powerful stuff from Johnny. I don't
know the name, but Johnny and Robby sing the chorus together... really cool! It was a
bit slower, but had some quicker parts. A bit reminiscent of Iris, actually. 

Johnny then switched to the Purple Les Paul and they segued into... Dizzy Noise
(Everything You Are)! Quite a cool song, btw. Some great guitar effects and this song
REALLY grooves!

They then segued into Full Forever. The verses on this song are slow and quiet, but the
Chorus and Break REALLY rock. It's more typical for a Robby song to do that, but it was
QUITE cool!

After playing the ubiquitous Name, they played Broadway, which if you haven't heard
yet, is really cool! Of course, what GGD song do I not think is cool, right? :) Pretty
rocking song -- still definately commercial radio material, be that good or bad to you.

The crowd then when crazy as they started Iris, of course. Nathan got props while
playing the slide solo, as in "Nathan December, playing guitar for us". 

And then it was over.

Here is the full set list, which was different from the Day In The Garden one slightly,
looks as if they are still trying to get the touring list defined (bear in mind bands
usually play shorter sets at festivals):

1. Long Way Down
2. Fallin' Down
3. Naked
4. Lazy Eye
5. Slide
6. New track from Dizzy - sung by John
7. Dizzy Noise (Everything You Are)
8. Full Forever
9. Name
10. Broadway
11. Another Second Time Around
12. Flat Top
13. Iris