San Antonio, TX - Sunday 10/25/98, SUNKEN GARDEN THEATER.
Here is the latest band lineup sent to me by the KISS promotions
director :
Goo Goo Dolls, Candlebox, Gravity Kills, Econoline Crush, Second Coming,
Pushmonkey, Soak, and Ten Percenter. The band order and performance
times are unavailable at this time.

Dallas, TX - Monday 10/26/98, STARPLEX AMPHITHEATRE.
Goo Goo Dolls, Anthaneum.
(as listed at
This is a free radio-station (Mix 102.9 FM) sponsored show. Free general
admission lawn tickets are supposed to be available thru Ticketmaster
(Foley's Department Stores and other locations...), or I think you can
win reserved seats from the radio station.  
Austin, TX - Tuesday 10/27/98, LIBERTY LUNCH, 405 W. Second St. (tel
Goo Goo Dolls, Anthaneum. 
(as listed at
LL is a smallish club that was converted from a warehouse. I've seen
lots of really cool shows there over the years and can highly recommend
the venue. You probably won't get too many chances to see the Goos in
this small a setting... Plus, Austin is a really
cool town. Tickets are 16 bucks, available in advance through Waterloo
Records in Austin.

Also Athenaeum is playing a club gig in Houston on
Wednesday 10/28/98; however, there has not been a Goo show announced for
that day. In case you are interested, Athenaeum's show will be at
Instant Karma on Richmond Avenue (near Mandell Street).