From [email protected] Sat May 16 06:07:33 1998
Hey, ya'll, just wondering how much air play "Iris" is receiving in your area. 
What kinds of comments are you hearing from non-Goo fans?  

Here in the Wash DC area, I hear it quite a bit and the DJ's seem to like it. 
I've also heard good comments from the "unenlightened" people where I work and
around town.  FINALLY some people are finding out who the Goo Goo Dolls are and
they're impressed!!

PS--by unenlightened, I mean the masses of people who are not sharing the Goo! 
Poor souls!

From [email protected] Sat May 16 09:13:52 1998

Here in Chicago, they are playing it ALOT!! :)  I listen to the modern rock
station at home or in the car, and hear it at least a couple times a day.  We
listen to a rock/contemporary  mix station at work, and that station is playing
it several times a day as well.  :)  

I've also had several people, that are non-Goo fan (the thought of "non-Goo
fans" kills me!!)  comment to me about liking the song so that is very cool
too.  The DJ's always say something good about it too, so I think its gonna be
great for the Goo's.  Yea for Johnny Goo  for writing a great song. :)  Now if
they could just get their new record out in the stores NOW, when everyone is
being reminded how great the Goo's are, then we would all be happy.  
From [email protected] Sat May 16 12:23:09 1998

In Edmonton, we added the song to medium in the first week, (15 spins)
and moved it to heavy (30 spins) the next week where it has been for the
last 7 weeks. We've played the song 225 times in total and we're getting
very positive response. We are not getting a lot of the calls of, "Who
does that song?"  but we are getting tons of requests from people who
may not have called to hear a Goo Goo Dolls song in the past.

Reactions are very tough to judge given that we play lots of Goo Goo
Dolls songs on our station. (If you serve the people enough, there will
be no need for the listener to call to inquire about the song)
I think people are beginning to get it. Their next album is going to be
huge. The band has been a natural for radio for years. A song like "We
are the Normal" should have received multi-format airplay (like "Name")
but someone, somewhere, was napping. (Rather than assessing blame, let's
just conclude that the song was a few years ahead of it's time)

All these Edmonton fans and I don't think they've ever played a show
here. Anyone know what they charge? (They were supposed to be the Molson
Canadian Blind Date in June 1996, but the local print hack spilled the
beans and we got Def Leppard instead)


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From [email protected] Sat May 16 18:17:47 1998
Hi everyone.  Iris is getting *lots and lots* of airplay up in the CT/MA/RI
area.  I hear it a lot on the Modern Rock stations that I listen to, and my
sister says that she hears it alot on mix stations that she listens to in
Oklahoma.  I think it's safe to say that it's being played with great
frequency all across the nation.
I agree with Theresa...I think the GGD's should really push the new album so
they can get it out into stores now while they have such great airplay.  Well,
that, and i'm also just really excited to get it :*)

[email protected]

From [email protected] Fri May 22 04:25:15 1998

Here in la, they have been playing Iris a lot , especially  on Y107, with most
of the dj's giving it high praises. Some of the other modern rock stations seem
to be picking up on the song a bit more slowly , which always seems to be the
case. Haven't heard it much on KROQ.