Goo Goo Dolls on MTV's Artist Cut

John and Robby were on MTV's Artist Cut on 5/17/98, where they talked about the video for Iris. Here's what they had to say:

John - "Hey, we're hangin' out here watching the video for Iris from the City of Angels soundtrack. It's directed by Nancy Bardawil and it's pretty cool, so let's check it out."

John - "The concept is I'm sort of trapped up in this tower. I'm supposed to be looking at the whole world through these telescopes, instead of actually being outside. Kind of looking - just kind of looking at everything from this sort of little bunker that's set up there."

John - "We got hooked up with Danny Bramson to do the soundtrack. And we went and saw the film and I went home and sort of banged it out in about an hour, which really suprises me because usually it takes me nine years to write a song."

John - "I love the room that they built. It really sort of looks like you're actually in a room, but they built it on a soundstage. All the buildings around it are these big transparency kinda things and they put lights behind them and they look real."

John - "There's one shot in here, if you watch the video really close. I'm looking down and it's sunner, and they're looking up and it's raining. Nobody would've noticed unless I'd just mentioned it."

John - "They put me on this chair that was on this big base - that the camera was on as well. And they were spinning the chair around and moving the camera so you get this weird motion. But the telescopes were right at the same level as my head, so I kept running into them and smashing my head on them and breaking them and knocking them over and that was tons of fun."

Robby - "The shoot was two days long. One full day with John up in the tower and then we did a day of us shooting in the tunnel."

John - "Yeah, that's on 2nd St. in downtown Los Angeles which was actually the tunnel that was used in the film."

John - "The lyrics for the song were sort of about - I was kind of trying to write it from the perspective of Nicolas Cage, where he's, he's about to give up his immortality - and he's sort of pondering that thought because he's so in love and he wants to, he wants to feel something real for once."

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